A bit of this and that

A bit of this and that

I have obviously been living under a rock for the past week or so because I didn’t know that Guy Martin has signed to race for Honda. He will be taking part in some international road races and of course the Isle of Man TT.  This is great news for his many fans because the Island is a bit of unfinished business for him, seeing as he has of yet, never won there.  This might well change with the Honda backing, his announcement that he is going to concentrate solely on racing and will dedicate himself to fitness and testing. Another huge boost for him must be that he is going to be partnered by John McGuiness. He will have not only a really fast team mate to judge himself against, but also a man who really knows about setting bikes up for the Island. They may well be the pair to beat this year and personally I am looking forward to it.

Looks like the EU and the USA are having a bit of a Beef and it might well affect us motorcyclists.  There is a dispute going on about importing American beef into Europe.  The Europeans have banned imports because of hormone additives found in the beef. In return the US Beef lobby is asking the government to start imposing tariffs on many products and one of them is a 100% tariff on European motorcycles under 500cc.  This of course would basically double their price and make them unaffordable.  However, this at the moment is just a lobby, and it may never come to pass, but if it did, would Europe impose the same sort of tariffs on Harley or Indian?

If you are living in the States and you own a BMW S1000 RR that June 8, 2016, to November 16, 2016, and 2017 S 1000 R motorcycles manufactured on October 12, 2016, then this applies to you.

“One of the bolts on the rear suspension deflection lever may loosen and adversely affect the handling of the motorcycle.” BMW should be in contact with you but if I was you I would get in touch with your local dealer because they are not expecting the recall to begin until February 10, 2017 and I wouldn’t want to ride around with iffy suspension until then!  Owners may contact BMW customer service at 1-800-525-7417.

mmmmm, shiny!

For those of us still living on the ice planet of Hoth there is still plenty of motorcycling things for us to be doing. It is amazing just how shiny a bike can get over the winter months, especially if you have a good supply of beer in the workshop.  However oil changes and polishing are not the only things, why not try to find a better deal on your insurance? Sounds boring I know and most of us, myself included tend to just renew it and forget about it, but by doing a little shopping around sometimes it is possible to save a decent amount of money, money that can be used to buy lots of lovely shiny goodies, or  a new key tag!

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