A little bit of this and that

A little bit of this and that

Motorcycles are sexy, everyone knows that. They have the amazing ability to attract the opposite sex like no other vehicle.  Ok, yachts, supercars and private jets might have some pulling power but you can guarantee that in the bizarre situation that might see someone going  off with a multi-millionaire instead of you, you can guarantee that that person will have niggling second thoughts for the rest of their lives.  

What is it that makes bikes into such a mechanical aphrodisiac?  On the face of it they shouldn’t be, helmet hair, rain, mud, smells of exhaust gases, uncomfortable clothing and impracticality should negate anything, or so you would think. However, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I will just accept that they are…for now anyway!

Too late already!

Talking about desirable things, Indian and Jack Daniels have teamed up once again to produce a special, 100 bike, limited edition run. This time it is built around the Chieftain model and the two iconic brands are “tapping directly into a deep sense of patriotism and American pride”. The paint scheme is inspired by the charcoal mellowing process used by Jack Daniels and its No7 logos are also featured.  It is a pretty thing, and if you wanted one it would cost you £33,799 which is expensive, I know. However don’t let that give you any sleepless nights plotting to re-mortgage the house; they sold out of them in ten minutes so you can’t have one anyway!

You could buy a BMW GS though, a real go anywhere bike. Unfortunately its off roading capabilities have suffered since its inception in 1944. The Kettenkrad was designed during World War 2 as a vehicle that could be used on any surface. Its gearbox came with two ranges, ‘Gelande’ for off-road and 'Strasse' for the street. Gelande and Strasse live on in the GS name used by BMW’s adventure bikes…shame they dropped the tracks though, imagine what could have been! If you want one of these get yourself down to  the Goodwood Members' Meeting where one is going to be auctioned. It  is expected to fetch £60,000-80,000, so maybe re-mortgaging the house is back on the cards again.

Talking about going anywhere, Honda has just proved, if we ever doubted it, that their Africa Twins are one of the bikes of choice for adventurers. 5,965 meters up an active volcano on the Argentinian / Chile border is not the sort of place you would expect to see a bike, but there they were, Africa Twins, proving their class and getting the world record for the highest altitude managed by a twin cylinder motorcycle.

In celebrity news it seems that Richard Hammond of Top Gear and Grand Tour fame has been injuring himself again, this time falling off a bike while filming in Mozambique, Africa. Evidently he knocked himself out but later released a statement telling the world he was fine. Hammonds head must be made of some seriously tough stuff, he has not just abused it motorcycling, falling off horses and crashing at 300mph in top fuel car have also shown how tough it is.

According to the Daily Star this a man humping a moped!

And finally, I love my bike but this guy is taking it just a little bit too far. According the Daily Star a man in Thailand was captured on CCTV making a hole in the seat of his scooter before mounting it…literally! It is also reported that the same man had been recorded doing the same thing a month earlier…really, it takes all sorts.

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