I am really hoping that the winter is having its last throw of the dice and that spring is just around the corner. I am beginning to get to the end of my patience, so much so that I have even thought about selling up and moving south so that this never happens again. I think I have never been as frustrated with the weather as I have been this year. Most years it is a definite winter,  snow and freezing temperatures, this year however it has just been grey and cold and nothing too bad but nothing good either and …Shut up Ratso, you are sounding like an old man, suck it up it will be over soon!

How about dreaming of better days? And if we are dreaming of better days let’s go the whole hog and dream of something a bit different.  Motorcycles are without doubt great, any motorcycle is great.  Sometimes though you want something that little bit different, that bike which is not run of the mill.  You have two options, one is to customize your bike, make it yours and make it unique, or you can also follow the other path, if you are rich enough and brave enough, and that is to buy something different, something exotic.

If you chose to go down this road there are two possibilities to start with, you can buy something old and special or something new and special.  If you decide to go down the old route how about being a bit different again, instead of the old Harley or Brit bike why not an old Japanese bike? How about something mythic, something like a Z1300, the last of the dinosaurs? Six cylinders, thirteen hundred cubic centimeters and a shaft drive what a wonderful idea…it is a pity that it "wallows, weaves and bucks" compared to a modern bike ( I can vouch for this if it is anything like my Z1100), and it could only do 30 miles per UK gallon, which is about the same as my 3 liter V6 ford!! Of course there is another option, a more modern one that is even more excessive, a Rocket 3 Triumph, but that is just silly, which is as good a reason to buy one as I can think of!

Of course old and archaic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so how about this then?  If a Buell isn’t different enough for you why not try one of these instead?  Built around the 1125cc lump, with around 150 brake horse power it is also lighter than the original. Talking of original, it is not quite “original” but you could take solace in the fact that it is only you and 46 other lucky individuals that will own one, hence the name Ronin 47.   If that is not enough bragging rights down the bar, you could also point out that the bike is made by the same people who make accessories for…..AK47’s, Magpul!


Size isn’t everything , and neither is technology, sometimes you want something from yesteryear, that is not from yesteryear and this is where my last offering comes in. How about  this..

Italian frame , 14bhp and an electric start, what more could you want? If you want to be truly different go see them at

Stay safe


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