Annoyed again

Annoyed again

The sun came out today and the temperatures climbed above the 0°c mark for the first time in a week, for about 2 minutes that is.  Still can’t complain, it could still be freezing AND foggy and I did get the chance to go for a ride today so that is good. 

What wasn’t so good was the fact that as I was quietly riding down the road, minding my own business trying to work out whether my fingers were going to freeze off before I got to work, the gentleman in the car in front of me let his window down a fraction of an inch and tried to push his cigarette out of it, I guess he did not want to get cold.  The ensuing shower of sparks, car swerving all over the road and the panicked braking must have meant that he did not accomplish this task and the cigarette had somehow managed to find its way into his lap and hopefully burnt his nice comfy seat. Luckily for me I was travelling at a safe distance and so I had plenty of time to react and so swerved round him and gave him the obligatory finger as I road off  up the road…it seemed appropriate!



This would be justice

Why don’t people look behind them before they throw things out of the window?  Why do people throw things out of the window anyway?  Even more annoying is that they don’t just throw lit cigarettes out of their windows when it is raining or winter; they do it in the summer as well. It is amazing that there are not more fires….. dickheads! Personally I think they should be made to eat those smoking butts; fine kill yourself smoking but don’t try to kill me with them as well.

Of course it could be worse…. Many years ago, back in the days of my GPz550 I was over at a mate’s house helping him fix his bike.  We needed a part and so we both hopped on my bike and went off down the road at a fair rate of speed, “the bike shop was going to close and we needed to get the bike fixed so he could go and see his grandma in hospital, honest officer”!!!  Luckily we weren’t stopped and didn’t need this stunning excuse, but we were travelling rapidly as we came up behind a  lorry.  I waited for a gap in the traffic and pulled out to overtake just as the lorry driver opened his window.  Now you all know it pays to be super observant on a motorcycle and I promise you that my mate would now tell you that this applies equally to the pillion passenger. 

This is a lorry, beware of unsecured loads!

As the driver’s window came down I saw his head appear, his mouth open and out of it came a stream of vomit! At this point reactions took over and I ducked low to avoid this lumpy stream. Unfortunately matey on the back didn’t, and it hit him full in the helmet!  It did turn out to be his lucky day however, if there can be anything lucky about being hit by a stream of puke, he had his visor down.

 Just imagine though, it could have been so much worse, it could have been me that got it in the face!

Stay safe


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