Appropriation...a rant!

Appropriation...a rant!

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I feel the need to vent...Kim Kardashian was in the news again today, this time about her hair. Evidently having braided hair is a cultural appropriation and offensive to the Fulani ethnic group of West Africa.

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Personally I think that is a load of crap. Ok, if she was trying to pass herself off as Fulani or poke fun at them through the use of this hairstyle then the complainers would have a point, but she wasn’t. Like millions of women everywhere, she thought the hairstyle looked good, if anything it was a compliment to the Fulani for developing something so cool. 

Anyway that is not my point, my point here is where does cultural appropriation end? The Mohican haircut, should that be limited to native Americans of a certain tribe?  For that matter America…that is a mish mash of cultural appropriations,  English, Italian, Irish ….the list is endless and how about  biker chic, is that a cultural appropriation? For me cultures grow and get better through appropriation. Without it the Dutch would still all be wearing trees on their feet, you wouldn’t be able to get a burger outside of the USA and Soccer or as it should be known, football, would be limited to a little island just off the coast of Europe. Hell, is speaking someone else’s language a cultural appropriation?

This neither, nice bike though.

What is more, cultural appropriation, if you are aware that you are doing it, is an education. You learn about the culture that the tradition or style came from and so understand it a little bit more and that understanding can help create a culture of acceptance and so help in some little way to stopping us killing each other which is never a bad thing. The fashionista who buys the bikers leather jacket to look cool might one day decide that a bike might also be a good fashion accessory. Then lo and behold they get on it and ride it and find out just what the lifestyle they appropriated is all about, and another biker is born.

The only way it can be a bad thing is when it is used to oppress or belittle the people whose culture has been appropriated and that should never be tolerated.

Now this has got something to do with the post!

Ok , enough of that, bloody Kardashians get everywhere don’t they? They’ll be buying bikes and haunting our favorite bars soon. Indian has announced that they are going to produce a 1200cc road going version of their FTR750 flat track racer. They say it should be available in 2019 and it seems very interesting. The bike will PROBABLY have the 1200cc scout engine and produce about 100bhp. It should also have trick suspension, in the form of  upside down forks and a monoshock rear end.  The photo of the preproduction beastie looks wicked so I for one will have to add this bike to the list of other bikes that one day I will get my missus to agree to letting me buy… can never have too many can you?

I am off to drink some Whiskey and I am not even Scottish !

Look after yourselves and stay safe..


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