Back to the future

Back to the future

Hello  out there. The time of festivities is now over for another year and life once again is getting back to normal, well just as soon as we find out what normal is anyway.  Here, as I look out of the window at the depths of winter, grey heavy skies, rain, frost, freezing fog and sometimes snow, I can’t help but dream of better times ahead.  The spring, summer and Autumn seem such a long time away and it is now, in January that I start becoming susceptible to flights of fancy such as…what is the future going to bring us?

Since I started motorcycling things have really changed. Bikes are faster and better handling, lower emissions and more reliable. Tires have got fatter, brakes have got better and the bolts they put them together with don’t all round off or break off because you look at them.

My foot still looks like this thanks to that toe cap

Motorcycle clothing has improved immensely as well. When I started it was steel toe capped boots, jeans and a black leather jacket, maybe with tassels.  Now the jeans have Kevlar woven in and the jackets are full of body armor and quite possibly not even made of leather…or black.  I have to admit to still liking steel toecap boots though, but that is because having a steel toecap saved my foot in an accident once. 

The one thing that really hasn’t improved hugely are crash helmets.  Yes they are a bit lighter but until recently they were still made of a basic hard shell with polystyrene inner and a soft, comfy liner.  Luckily for us helmet manufacturers have started to wake up to some of the new materials and technologies that are out there.  One company, Leatt have produced a motocross lid that has, well basically shocks in between the normal liner and the hard shell.  These absorb the energy of an impact a lot better than the traditional set up.  There is also a new material, well new to crash helmet’s, that is being considered for use.  Koroyd is basically a material made up of thousands of tubes that are welded together.  It has been used in cycling and snowboarding and now helmet manufacturers are starting to look at it. Evidently its construction enables it to reduce peak impact G forces by and incredible 35-58% depending on the study you look at.   Either way, that is a huge improvement over traditional helmet materials. 

And that is not all; remember I wrote about a new head up display helmet from a company called Skully? Unfortunately they went bust but natures hates a vacuum and so at least two more companies have sprung up to take its place.

Mad Max is from the future isn't he?

LiveMap , , and Intelligent Cranium, ,are two such companies that are getting close to offering a helmet with head up display, GPS and other connective technology.  These two might fail like  Skully,  it is after all a brand new market with  many problems but  even if they do  it will happen soon enough, especially because the big boys are coming out to play.

To be continued…

Stay safe


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