Back to the future 2

Back to the future 2

Sometimes EBay is so annoying. I won an auction the other night for a lovely carbon fiber hugger for the Triple. I was happy, I got it at a good price from a guy with great feedback, but when I wanted to pay for it I found my winning bid had been deleted.  Seems the guy would not post the part abroad, not even when he saw my feedback and saw that I buy 60% of my bits from countries other than France.  He was convinced I was a scammer and therefore would rather lose out on a sale than sell it to me…strange dude but happily for me the next day there was another one up and I got that for £10 cheaper. Sometimes EBay is really great as well, just have to remember that if you don’t win this auction there will be another along shortly. EBay is incredible, it has changed the way we shop, it has brought a vision of the future and made it real and generally, in my opinion, it has been a good thing.

  Looking to the future is something we all do, and in the last article I started to show and talk about some of the things we can expect in the world of motorcycling.  They were and are and might be great products but without the big boys getting on board they will always be a niche market, a curiosity down the pub.

It is perfect for the daily commute!

Concept bikes are meant to show us visions of the future. Unfortunately, however beautiful, those visions are usually completely impractical. They will never see the light of day and we will never know what it would be like to ride one.  However sometimes ideas become reality, let’s step a little way back into the past to see a possible future from Suzuki.  The Crosscage started life as a concept bike but it was one with a future.  In 2007 Suzuki actually built it and rode it.  The unusual thing about the Crosscage, apart from its futuristic looks is that it uses Hydrogen fuel technology with a battery as a backup. In our terms it was the equivalent of a 125 cc bike, great for zipping around town, and the single sided front suspension and styling make it look suitably special.   It is great that it was built and it is great to see Suzuki looking to the future, but that is where it stayed, a look at the future.

Of course they are not the only ones.  BMW have also been at it, except they have not built their Vision because…well at the moment it is pretty much impossible.  What they have done though is told us all about the ideas they think will be coming along in the next 100 years by using the Vision Next 100 as a platform.   BMW believe that self leveling system using gyros will be incorporated to make the bike almost crash proof and even better than that you won’t need a side stand, you will just be able to get off and leave it standing there all unsupported.   They also suggest that a flexible frame will do away with the need for conventional suspension and steering and that due to its crash proofing you won’t even need a crash helmet or protective clothing.  To help control this machine they believe a head up interface projected onto a visor would be the way to go, and seeing what I posted about crash helmets on Wednesday I guess that part might not be too far away and I am not all that sure I want it at all….to be continued

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