Best dad ever!

Best dad ever!

There are some things that are guaranteed to get you out of bed in the morning, the promise of a big day out, your birthday, chocolate cake or going to school. Yep, going to school in the summer can be a great thing but only if your dad has a motorcycle.

Even better than dad having the bike is my friend’s dad has a bike as well and if I’m lucky we get to ride to school together, well sort of together, it does tend to go by in a bit of a blur as my dad really does not like being overtaken by anyone and so the school run can turn into the school TT race.

I have to be honest, going to school on the bike means I am just a bit limited in what I can wear to the daily fashion show that is the school yard. Like the little black dress, the black leather jacket is a must have in the wardrobe so I always look good, if not always original, and who cares anyway, I turned up on a BIG motorcycle and that is the equivalent of a bath in Chanel Number 5…I win!

Dad of course has a different point of view. I know he prefers taking me to school on the bike because it is always his suggestion that we do it, and he always chooses a sunny day because he says sitting in wet clothes all day is not pleasant. I know however that even on wet days he takes me to school in the car and then goes home to get his bike to go to his school…oh yeah dad is a teacher so he gets to do the school run twice every day, or four times if you count the mornings an evenings’ separately.

I asked him once why he doesn’t take the car and he told me that if he took the car he would have to leave half an hour earlier and so have to take me to school half an hour earlier. I don’t like getting up in the mornings so I think dad has made a good decision there.  I also know that he hates sitting in traffic jams, going on summer holidays has taught me this, he gets really annoyed staring at the back of other people’s cars. I guess that his students would thank him for riding his bike if they knew this. I am sure what they do think however is that he is really cool, there are not many teachers who ride bikes and turn up in black leather jackets with bike club patches on them and he tells me that all his students are really well behaved.

For me though the school run on the bike at the beginning of summer is wonderful. It is a sign that the holidays are not far away and that is never a bad thing!

Enjoy the end of the holidays

Ratso’s daughter

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