Bits and Bobs

Bits and Bobs

Bits and bobs

Sometimes I just like being a bit random,  I say I want coffee but instead make myself a cup of tea or don’t make sure I put clean underpants on before I go out for a ride, just in case.  (Didn’t your mum ever tell you that…no, just me?).  In the spirit of this today’s post is all about why Yamaha’s power valve system transformed two stroke motorcycle engines, or it might just be a few things that I have seen on the wind, heard on the net or been told was true by a bloke in the pub.

Guy Martin is at it again. If you don’t know who Guy Martin is where have you been for the past few years? Motorcycle road race maverick, star of Closer to the Edge and Tv personality, Guy's life  revolves around motorcycles, speed and a brew...(For those non English people reading this I mean a cup of tea, not a beer).  Do yourself a favour and check out his exploits and hope, if you are watching his videos that they have provided subtitles, his accent is a little “special”.

 Anyway, today, as I write this Guy is with Triumph at the Bonneville Salt Flats trying to break the Land Speed Record for Motorcycles. He is riding a 1000 bhp bike powered by two Rocket engines that have also been turbo charged.  So far conditions have hampered him, too much wind or the salt not hard enough, but they are hoping that in the next day or so things will improve and a Triumph will once more be the fastest motorcycle on the planet.

Do you think we will be able to test ride one?

If you want to follow guys attempt MCN is there and posting the news

I don’t know if you are members of any motorcycling forums, but I would recommend it.  They are full of great advice and knowledgeable people and assholes, but the good outweighs the bad, usually! There are hundreds out there,  just find one that fits you, be it a specific one for your bike  or one about the style of riding you love, or god forbid both!

This is lovely,  I owned a GPz900r when they first came out, it was by far the fastest and best handling big bike of its day, a complete game changer.  I loved it but I eventually sold it and now I wonder why I didn’t keep it? These guys have built a beauty that makes me get all nostalgic and finds me logging into Ebay, the bank balance is going to take a hit very soon, right after those Speed Triple bits arrive!

 If you want to know more about it go here

Finally, did you know we are in very good company?  It seems like the British royal family are great fans of bikes,  Queen Elizabeth rode one during the war, she also learnt  to be  a mechanic,  Prince Philip was a regular visitor to the Isle of Man and William and Harry own many bikes, mainly Triumphs and Ducati’s and rode a 1000 miles off road through South Africa to raise money for charity.  There are loads of other royals that have a love of bikes if you take a look... except Prince Charles, but there always has to be one black sheep in the family!

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