Bits and Bobs again

Bits and Bobs again

Things happen in the motorcycling world and it is some time since I have done a bits and bobs feature. To put that right here is one……

They have only gone and done it haven’t they! Kawasaki have gone and produced a touring bike that I would love to own, the Ninja H2sx. This bike could possibly merit a post of its own, and if someone wants to get me a test ride on one I will do just that, but, until then just drool, and cry, over these snippets.  We won’t know for sure until November 8th in Milan but the rumor mill says that this is going to be a true tourer, not just an H2 with some panniers slapped onto it. It will probably be supercharged, have 200bhp and a stonking  great big mid range to make changing gear so yesterday.  Of course it will also have all the driver aids and electronic gizmos you can shake a stick at but…a 200bhp tourer, I would sign on the dotted line except it is likely to cost around the $25000 mark!

BMW unveiled a modified R1200 RS last week. It was equipped with a system that will warn a rider if a car is about to pull out in front of them at a junction. The system warns users in the car that they are about to ignore the right of way and at the same time warns the approaching rider that the car is about to pull out.  It uses a system called Vehicle to Vehicle Communication (V2V), supported by D-GNSS (Differential-Global Navigation Satellite System) and this system is being developed with Yamaha and Honda.

Talking about road safety, autumn is here with a vengeance and with it we have had some really bad fog.  Riding into work the other day I started to get paranoid about cars crashing into the back of me because they would not see my one tail light. Of course this meant I started to speed up and we all know that is not such a good idea in the fog. What is needed is some aftermarket fog lights for bikes. Not front ones, we can see pretty well without them, and they are easy enough to find. Nope I want some rear ones to stop me getting tail ended, I am going to look into that.

Do you remember the Zxr400? Now that was a fun bike and you can still buy them on Ebay, but the prices can be a bit over the top for a bike that by its very nature is bound to have been thrashed.  So, wouldn’t we all be just a little bit happier if Kawasaki would bring out another little 400cc sports bike?  Well it seems that happiness might be on its way as an insider in Japan has said that a 400cc parallel twin will be unveiled in Milan.  Of course it will be limited to under 47bhp for the European market but I bet you it will be possible to tune the nuts off it and make it into an excellent track day bike.

I can’t leave you without mentioning that Honda are celebrating, the 100 000 000 Super Cub has made its way off the production line.  The Super Cub went on sale in 1958 and has been built in 15 different countries.  I wonder if the H2 will manage to do the same thing?

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