Sometimes I feel that I am living a charmed life, for instance last week it pissed it down every day and so the ride to work was just that, going to work. Then the weekend came, the sun came out,  the roads dried and once again I could find a good excuse to ride 30 miles to buy some eggs so the missus could cook me a cake….I love cake!

Then of course there are those times when things piss you off, like this for example. I ordered a new exhaust for my Speed Triple and all was going well, delivery was set for last Thursday and so I took a day off to make sure I had it to fit at the weekend. Of course it didn’t turn up and when I phoned to find out about it I was told that they could not find the shipment in the depot and to phone back on Saturday. Saturday I phoned back to be told, “Oh we can’t do anything today because it is the weekend and no one is in.” I was not Mr. Happy as you can imagine and I am still waiting for information about the existence or non-existence of my exhaust.

And then there are the things that just make you think, those little philosophical musings that can occupy your time on the toilet such as; why would a biker put a sticker on the back of his car that says “Biker inside”?  It is a bit of an oxymoron in my mind and even if it can be justified why would you want to proclaim to the world that you are a biker who is not riding your bike? To me, Biker, is not a badge you wear it is what you are and if you have to tell everyone that you are one you are not!

I do love our choice of lifestyle, for many reasons, not least of which is our wonderful vocabulary that is specific to our chosen path.  In what other culture can you get away with a phrases like these?

The bambi, who is a bit of a weekend warrior almost got wiped out by a cage when he was on his new rice burner.

Or how about…..

The pilot of the crotch rocket kept spinning a tale about a hi-side after he spun up on an asphalt snake…..DILLIGAF?

You have to love communication like that and it doesn’t end there.  Over here in France the recognized way of saying thank you to a car or bike that gets out of your way to let you past is to stick out your right leg.  Of course we all wave to each other, or at least nod if you can’t take your hands off the bars at that moment. How many of you give the V for victory sign? One of the things I have noticed here is that the lower your sign, the cooler you are meant to be. I can’t help but laugh seeing the “cool kids” hanging off their bikes trying to get their greeting lower than anyone else’s.  I guess boys and girls will play!

And one last word on communication, I have just had a call from DHL who informed me that my exhaust is not lost…….they just can’t locate it at the moment!!!!

Stay safe (and sane)


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