Date a biker....why?

Date a biker....why?

I apologize in advance, if this piece of writing is in any way sexist , uninformed or just plain silly it is because I am male…and that is always a good excuse!

Many girls come up to me and ask me, “Ratso, why should I date a biker, what would be in it for me”?   Actually that is not true, what they actually said was “Ratso, why should I date you, what would be in it for me?” with that look on their face telling me it is never going to happen! However that is not the point the point is everyone loves a list and so here is one….Why should somebody consider dating a biker.

  1. As I have mentioned in previous articles bikers are forever fashionable, you can take us anywhere because our look is always “in”. Black leather jacket, jeans and a wild unkempt look..perfect for a night at a concert….ok it depends which concert!
  2. We have great hands; brakes and clutches are perfect exercises to create a muscular, ripped, strong hand, and as a bonus you will probably get pumped up forearms as well! Ohh and don’t forget the massages, they will be great and available any time, that ingrained engine oil has to be useful for something doesn’t it?
  3. Be the envy or fantasy of all those you pass on the road, or who look at you riding through town. Full face helmets were not invented purely by chance you know.  All those ladies who look at you riding on the back of the bike, dream that your hunk of man has the looks of Brad Pitt and all the guys looking at you just dream of …well probably having the looks of Brad Pitt, or at least his money!
  4. We love adventure and we can find it anywhere, you want some eggs from the shop? Well your biker man will happily go and get them for you on his trusty steed. Don’t expect him back too quickly though,  some mad and unforeseen event is bound to happen on his journey causing him to be at least two hours….he needs that long at the bar to think up the good excuse  as to why it took him that long!
  5. We are great with money, well we are great at spending it on whatever, when we have some. Don’t expect massive savings accounts or astute investments…unless they are of the two wheel variety, they are always an investment, “sure dear, in two years it will have doubled its price”.  Nope we are not into saving money for a rainy day, unless that rainy day is promised to be spent in the bar with the guys!
  6. He will never forget your birthday! Surprisingly bikers have a great memory for numbers and dates; they can tell you when a bike was first registered the best tire pressure for a cold wet day at Assen or the price of a pint of Pig Wash down at the Mutz Nutz. You will also get a wide variety of presents, you would not believe what they sell at service stations these days, unless of course you are the lucky lady who’s birthday falls in TT week, then you know what you will get. A week in a soggy tent, on a fog bound island in the Irish sea, in a field with a thousand other farting bikers….This  could also double up as a honey moon if you play your cards right, what could be more romantic?

And he will always look after his loved ones!

So there you have it, If you want an adventurous, fashionable man, with the looks of a Hollywood super star, great with his hands and his money, who will give you everything you deserve then look no further. Go on, you know it makes sense!

Stay safe


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