It is -7°c outside (fucking cold °F ! ) and Summer seems so far away right now. The cats are on strike and refusing to move from in front of the fire and I have wimped out and taken the car to work.  As I sit here typing this my mind is a long when away,  it has travelled to late spring and has started to think of things to do and places to see…my apologies if this is a bit Europe orientated,  maybe you could give some suggestions for great destinations wherever you are?

Firstly a summer holiday, every year the club goes off on a ride, somewhere. Last year we were in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and a few more places, enjoying twisty mountain passes and great food and beer. This year we have two choices, head south or head north. Both offer great possibilities, the south means the Pyrenees, Spain and if we want to go mad, Morocco.  The North offers mad Swedes and Danes, Nordkapp in the Arctic Circle and enough types of beer to write a book about.  In truth however it doesn’t really matter because it is all about the ride. Going off with the guys and having a great laugh and hopefully a bit of adventure…and of course gathering stories to tell on a winter’s night in the pub.  I do quite fancy a bit of Spanish heat at the moment though and those Pyrenean passes would be great fun to….

Then of course there is racing to consider, do I go to the Isle of Man and spend a week in a tent on the piss with thousands of other bikers or do I go to the Bol D’Or and spend a week in a tent on the piss with thousands of other bikers?  Of course I could split the difference and go to Le Man and spend a week in a tent on the piss with thousands of other bikers!

A big race meet is a great laugh, and something you really should try a few times in your life. If nothing else it will remind you just how good showers,  a comfy bed and clean toilets are.

 And then there are the track days; I need to do a few of these just to get the speed bug out of my system and keep my license clean.  The question is, do I go to a track I know well and try to go faster or do I try a new track and try to learn it while trying to go faster?   Why not just do both and then choose your favorite one for a third extra special day? Go on, you are worth it!

I guess I will be needing a few new tires

Of course there are thousands of other great things to consider doing, and I am sure I will write about them in the very near future, but now it seems that the sun has decided to make a brief appearance and those of you who have read this blog know that I made a new year’s resolution to get fitter.  So far, so good, I am sort of sticking to it and in that spirit, I am off out for a run…after I have put the reward beer in the fridge ready for my return!

Stay safe


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