Did you know?

Did you know?


Something remarkable happened today, the sun came out, the temperature was positive and the roads were dry.  It was so good; it made me so nostalgic of the good times of summer.  I could ride fast, the tires gripped, the roads were clean, it was a waking dream, a Friday miracle and then it was over. As I write this I can hear the rain once more drumming on the windows, but for a few hours it was spring and nothing can take that away from me!

Anyway enough of that, what has been catching my eye on the net this week?

Well first there is this, a Polish firm called Zortrax have been showing off how good their 3D printers are by printing a full set of bodywork for a Triumph Daytona 675. The process included scanning the bike and then printing out every bit of bodywork and it took  one month to complete which might seem to be a long time.  However remember that a few years ago this technology didn’t even exist, and, with the rate of progress in the area it won’t be that long before we will be able to print our panels for ourselves, if we can afford a printer big enough that is!


Kawasaki might have been the first at the party but it looks like Honda is going to be joining them. They have recently filed a patent for a supercharged engine.  I really hope that all this doesn’t go the same way as the brief flirtation with Turbo chargers did back in the 90’s.  Kawasaki brought out their GPz750 Turbo that worked like a dream and the others tried and failed to match it…Honda’s offering was the CX Turbo, what on earth were they thinking?

Can I get a bolt on one of these?

A development version of what looks like  a new Triumph Tiger has been seen in Spain.  I sometimes wonder how they work out what is a development version and what is something that somebody knocked up in their shed as a quick repair after an off?  Anyway this looks like it is lower than the one we know now, and it seems to have a bolt on sub frame. I do like a bolt on sub frame, for one it is cheaper to repair and it is also easier to build your own and add a funky new rear end.  

The Illuminati might be planning to take over the whole world but the Masons in England are covering up their plans by being awfully nice and donating three motorcycles to SERV a volunteer service that provides rapid transportation of blood and blood products between hospitals.  The Bikes, an FJ1300 and two Tiger 800’s have been named Mark, Mallet and Chisel respectively.

Now we all like Motorcycles, and cats on you tube are hilarious according to my daughter,  and so what could be more perfect than cats on a motorcycle, especially as they have their very own helmets.

On that moment of extreme cuteness I am going to leave you, get outside of a beer and remember today’s few hours of spring.

Stay safe



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