Don't forget!

Don't forget!

It’s that time again…

Well the week has passed and I have survived it, even though I was forced to do it mostly bike less due to those fork seals I mentioned and the garage being in a total state of confusion.  Now however the forks are back together, new seals and new stanchions but the garage is still confusing. That is the next project, bribing my son to sort out all the tools and arrange them in a logical manner while I ride the bike in the sun.

Anyway, I hate to break this to you but something really important is coming up and you are not allowed to forget it….MOTHER’S DAY!

Mother’s are special, every guy and gal knows this.  As a kid who is it you ran to when things went wrong, your mum that is who. They are always there for you and always take your side, even if you are wrong.  Dads are great, I know I am one, but mums, well they carried you for 9 months and that is something you never get over.

Unfortunately my mother has passed on now, but like all mothers she was special, so I will tell you a little about her today.  Mum was an accountant, I know, dead exciting, however that was just what she did to earn some money. In her head she was a rally driver, a thing we were never allowed to forget whenever she got into a car.  She taught me to drive when I was ten years old, on farm tracks around my grandmother’s place.  I was sworn to never tell my father this; not that I could drive, more that she was sliding the family car around farm tracks! When I got older and was finally allowed to drive on the road she took it upon herself to teach me how to handle bad conditions.  A local disused airfield was the venue and whenever she had time and the weather was shit she would take me up there and make me push the car until it let go, rain, snow and ice all became fun times with mum.

Motorcycles were a different matter, her brothers had all had them but she had never learned to ride one.  That however did not stop her getting on the back of mine or any of the other bike clubs bikes whenever she had the chance.  She did have a plan to take her bike test when she retired, she dreamed of having a Kawasaki GPz900r of her own but unfortunately god took her off to the great racetrack in the sky before she had the chance.

So it is important that mums know you care, and because you are on a site like this one your mums obviously know that you are just a little bit of a petrol head at the very least.  So why not show them your love by giving them something that will remind them of you every time they use it.  A t-shirt would be one option, but maybe it wouldn’t fit in at the office, maybe some stickers for her car, but they would not be a constant, tactile reminder of her son or daughter.  There is one thing that is tactile and discreet and it is a thing from our origins, our baby, a keytag! There are loads on this site, so there must be one that you can give to your mum that will remind her of you every time she sees it…and it won’t fade away like a bunch of chocolate or get eaten by the rest of the family like a box of flowers!

Have fun and stay safe


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