Even more things

Even more things

Things happen, it has been proved by science, and it is mainly sciences fault that things happen. If they would stop discovering new stuff, or inventing better things then I would be able to save some money, give up work, and go on that world tour I keep promising myself.  However, they don’t and so I feel the need to surf the net and find new things to spend my money on. So here is, once more,  a few bits and bobs that have got me interested.

First up there is a new biker film out.  Following in the footsteps of Stone this Australian film is the story of  a 1% motorcycle club and the troubles its leaders go through.  Sounds a bit Sons of Anarchy to me but seeing as I watched all that I guess I will watch this.  Imaginatively called 1% the film is debuting at the Toronto film festival and so I guess it will be available soon.

Sometime last year I posted about the rumor that a retro looking Z900 would be coming our way. Well it is no longer a rumor it is a thing and it is going to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor show on October 25th.  They did say that they were going to produce a supercharged version for 2018 but we will have to wait and see. Anyway, Kawasaki has produced a little teaser video for the Z900RS although you only get to see the headlight and clocks they do seem to pay homage to the original.

Talking about unveiling stuff, Ducati are meant to be showing off their new Panigale V4 on November 5th.  This week videos of the new engine that is going to power it have appeared all over the motorcycling web but there has also been an alleged photo of the bike itself doing the rounds, and here it is. Is it a fake or not? We will find out on the 5th.

And on the subject of Ducati; I mentioned that there were talks going on with Harley Davidson about buying it from VW. It seems like these either fell through or didn’t happen but now the Indian firm that owns Royal Enfield have been linked to the buyout. If it does happen reports say they will be paying out around 1.8 – 2 billion dollars. We should know by the 29th of September if it is going to happen or not.

The Metropolitan Police in London are testing out a new scooter. “And so what?”  I hear you say…well that is the polite translation anyway.  This scooter is interesting however because it is very different from anything else. It is not petrol, diesel or even electrically powered, it is Hydrogen powered. Suzuki has been working with a British company to develop something called the Burgman Fuel Cell since 2009.  Although it is not possible to buy this technology yet they have taken a step forward by producing 7 of these scooters for the Met. They are said to produce about 11bhp and will be evaluated over the next year. The push for zero emissions is going to change our whole way of life and so it is good to see that there might just be a choice about what type of engine we have in our bikes in the future.

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