Feet up with a beer

Feet up with a beer

Sometimes all you want to do is put your feet up, grab a beer and watch a movie or two.  Sometimes you know exactly what you want to watch, sometimes you want to watch something but have no idea what to watch and sometimes you want to watch something and don’t really care what it is.  So now we know where we are coming from here are some suggestions for some bike related films you might, or might not want to watch….personally I wouldn’t know because apart from one I haven’t seen any of them…but I will, some time!

The TV series Sons of Anarchy was pretty good, well I watched it to its end, however it was still very mainstream and because of that definitely lacked some authenticity. “Dead in 5 Heartbeats” should not fall into that trap. Firstly it is based on a book written by Sonny Barger and also produced by him and if anyone knows the world of outlaw bike clubs it is him.  Secondly it is an independent film and so can be a lot less mainstream and a lot more real in its depictions.  Of course that also means it might suffer from budget limitations but you can’t always have it all.  “Dead” has received mixed reviews, either they love it or hate it, but it seems to me that it is probably the best bet if you want to watch a film that shows 1% clubs as they really are.

Then there is “Girl meets bike” which many reviewers seem to think actually understands bikes. This is very possible because the bike the star rides, a Guzzi 1000s, is actually owned by the film maker. The story is that of a woman who spends the money for her wedding dress on a bike and then disappears off with a group of guys and girls on bikes for a ride around Minnesota. On the way she learns about being independent, about love and about life, no surprises there I guess. I get the impression that this is a bit of an arthouse film, which sometimes can be a bit heavy. However the advantage of arthouse films is that they really do try to get across what they are trying to portray, they are not in it for the money and so I will give this one a try.

By now you should all have seen “Closer to the Edge” and if you haven’t why not?  There is another film in the same style that could be worth a look and that is “I, Superbiker”.  It is the story of the 2010 British Superbike season and follows four very different riders through all the highs and lows that come calling.  Like I said very similar to “Closer” but set in a different world, one maybe more familiar to those of us who do track days.

If you like to sit and drink your beer and dream of doing something original then “One Crazy Ride” is for you.  This film documents a ride by five friends who attempt to discover and ride a route that is supposed not to exist. The route takes them across the Himalayas to places that not many people have ever seen, let alone ridden.  I would hope that this is the sort of film that should come with a warning, because maybe it will inspire some of us to go and do something that could be called incredibly stupid…well those are the words I can imagine my wife using!

Oh and the film I have seen…”Freebird”. I mentioned it in the last post and I will mention it again, it is funny as hell and it speaks to me in my own language. It could be a documentary of my life…if you go by the crap I talk after a few beers that is!

Enjoy the sun and

Stay safe


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