Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Saturday in late October and the weather has broken. The last warmth of summer has fled the land, mornings are now at best cold, at worst frost covered and the days are grey, murky and rain sodden. I am prowling around, frustrated, annoyed and a bit of a bear with a sore head.  Weekends are my time to do things for me and the me thing I was going to do was go out for a ride.  

I know, I ride every day, but however much I enjoy it I am limited on routes and time. I ride to go to work, but I also go to work so that I can ride and those rides I work for are the ones that I do at the weekend.  These are my thoughts as I stare out of the window at the rain pouring down.

Mrs Ratso is trying her best to talk reason to me,  “look it is not worth it , you have just cleaned the bike and you’ll have to do it again after” , or the obvious “ you will get soaked”. I still looked out of the window, at the rain drops bouncing off the roof, the ripples in the puddles and the endless grey of the sky.

“Look , you can’t go out in that, you’re ribs are still healing from last week’s Rugby, if you  come off they will be agony”, more useful and logical advice from her with the brains, and I heard myself say,  “Yeah , good point”, but still my eyes were drawn to that garage door. 

“Hey, there is MotoGP on the TV lets  cuddle up and watch that”, once more the voice of reason makes its way into my head and once more I am thinking of  twisting the throttle and rolling out of a corner onto an undulating straight.

“Be with you in a minute” I mumble preoccupied by the view out of the window. Is the rain easing a bit, is it slightly less dark and foreboding out there?  It is amazing what straws we will grasp at when all hope seems lost and Mrs Ratso is good at grasping at straws.

“Let’s go to the pub for a beer, I’ll drive”

“Yep it is definitely clearing up, only a torrential downpour now” I mutter as if vocalizing the thought  will make it real, and I start to pull on my waterproofs and leathers…

“Where are you going luv?”  the light of my life enquires

“Oh just out for a ride, back in an hour then we can go to the pub”

Stay safe


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