Film Fails

Film Fails

The rain is lashing down, the wind is blowing a gale, trees are falling, electricity is failing and  the dog is refusing to go outside for a walk. Even the TV has let me down, usually a refuge in times of “ I really don’t want to move off the settee”  the programming gods have managed to get together and totally fail to show anything I feel like watching.  There is only one thing for it, look through my collection of films, find all the bad ones and share them with you lot.   I’ll stick to the bike stuff though, I wouldn’t want you traumatized by Titanic or any video nastiness like that!

First up is Knightriders,  and it has nothing to do with David Hasselhoff!  George Romero of Zombie flick fame made this wonder of cinematographie that depicts  knights who joust on motorcycles. It’s  loosely based on King Arthur, the “king”is  played by Ed Harris who’s trying to keep his troupe of bikers together despite a usurper’s challenge and a disintegrating relationship with his queen. It is bizarre, weird, and strangely fun and I couldn’t decide on what clip to post here, either the official trailer or the closing scene. I finally plumped for the closing scene because the music and ride give you a good idea of just what the film is like …and it has a CBX1100 in it!


Next up is Silver Dream Racer, staring the very famous (back then) British pop star, David Essex.  

This is a film from 1980 and it is about a struggling privateer bike racer called Nick Freeman. Silver Dream Racer was the Rocky of motorcycle racing movies, without the  Rockyness that made rocky great that is. The plot revolved around a prototype bike, the Silver Dream Racer, that Freeman inherits from his engineering brother after he dies in a motocross accident.  I won’t tell you any spoilers just in case it rains long enough for you to actually want to watch this film. The really interesting thing though is that the bike was real and British racer Roger Marshall actually rode it in the 1979 British GP. It was a 500cc 2 stroke, built by Barton Motors with one of their own prototype frames....if only Sylvester Stallone had ridden it!


Didn’t I mention he wrote a song for the film as well?…..Sorry!

Of course we should never forget that it could be worse. There are such classics out there as Werewolves on Wheels  "If you're hairy, you belong on a motorbike!"

And Chopper Chicks in Zombie town They're looking for a few good men."

And if that isn’t enough to get you out on your bike in the rain I don’t know what is….

Stay safe


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