For the female biker in your life!

For the female biker in your life!

Hello boys and girls,

I am glad to say that the man flu I have been suffering from is now becoming a fading memory.  Personally I don’t see what all the fuss about, it was nothing more than a little threatening, pfft, whoever told you that is exaggerating just a touch.

 Anyway, I am a happy person because the sun has been out today and I have been able to take my bike for one last ride before Christmas.  By the time you read this I will be on my way to the Alps for fun and games sliding down snow covered slopes with things strapped to my feet.  This however has got me wondering; most non bikers tell us to be careful or give us such cheery information such as “you are going to die on that thing” and yet when you say, “I am going skiing” they react totally differently. Instead of cheerfully telling you “Don’t throw yourself down a snow covered mountain, you’ll die” they announce that they are jealous! Just another proof that unless you ride you will never understand.

So, Christmas is almost upon us and it is probably far too late to order something on the net and have it arrive in time for the festivities. That however won’t stop me writing about possible presents you might want to give to the female biker in your life….all the usual disclaimers apply!

Bikers love tools and bikerettes are no different. As the old saying goes, “Give her a frying pan and you’ll get a headache, give her a spanner and she can fix her own bloody bike”!  So with that in mind what better gift could there be than tools, and even better pink tools? With these in hand she will love the chance to tinker with her ride and while she is wondering just where that bolt came from she will also begin to understand those rages that cause the dog to run from the garage and hammers to fly through the air! She will love you for it, of that there is no doubt because you have shown that strengthening the understanding between you is your highest priority!

Another caring and thoughtful gift would be a padded gel saddle. Many companies make them for most makes of bikes and so there is hardly any excuse for not thinking of this wonderful gift. Not only will she appreciate that you are caring for her comfort, subconsciously she will realize that this gift also means that you don’t think her ass is too fat. I have it on good authority that is the sort of subtle compliment every woman appreciates.

Finally why not get her a bar mounted GPS system?  This is a great idea, no longer will you have to wait for her, worried that she might have missed the last turn. It will give both of you greater freedom, you will be able to detour to that nice little bar you know, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to find the little lady again a little bit further down the road.  Of course you should never forget that there is the added advantage that the GPS voice will give her someone else to argue with when the directions given don’t agree with her innate guiding voice, especially if you can convince her that there is a little elf inside doing the talking!

So there you go, three perfect gifts for the female biker in your life, and don’t worry girls the next installment will be the perfect gifts for your biking man. I am nothing but fair after all.

Stay safe



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