For the male in your life

For the male in your life

It is Monday again, not that I care very much seeing as I am sitting in a bar, at the bottom of a mountain covered in snow,  the sun is setting and I have a large whiskey and an open fire to keep me warm. For those of you who are on holiday like me, I hope yours is as good as mine, for those of you not on holiday….ha, ha, ha! Remarkably, since I have been here, no one has told me that sliding down a mountain on slippery snow at high speed is dangerous, or might even kill me and I should be careful. Strange that as I have already seen two people being taken off to hospital in a helicopter…I wonder what it is about bikes that terrifies those who don’t?

So, Christmas is even closer to us than it was in the last post and so it is almost certainly far too late to order something on the net and have it arrive in time for the festivities. That however won’t stop me writing about possible presents you might want to give to the male biker in your life….all the usual disclaimers apply! (Yes I know, it is deliberate!)

Bikers love tools and as the old saying goes, “Give him a vacuum cleaner and he will look lost, give him some tools and he will take the bugger apart so he never has to use it again”!  So with that in mind what better gift could there be than tools? Well thinking about it probably loads of things! However, with tools in hand he will be off to tinker with his ride and while he is wondering just where that bolt came from you will be free to do whatever girly things girlies do. He will love you for it, and the moments of peace and quiet that you both enjoy will strengthen your relationship, allowing you to share time together in loving tranquility, and all because of a tool!

What better gift could there be for your loved one than a hat? If you are reading this in the Northern Hemisphere then this is the perfect time for a hat, 93.1458% of heat is lost because people don’t wear enough hats. If course if you are in the Southern hemisphere then you are a lucky git because it is summer, but a similar thing applies, 93.1457% of global warming is due to people and as most of the heat escapes from heads it is only logical to insulate them and cool down your unseasonal summers!  Not only might you save the planet or on heating bills, just think of the reaction of people when they see your beloved decked out in one of these wonderful creations…and just thank the stars he didn’t make you go with him to the bar!

Finally, for now, show how much you care for your man’s safety by getting him this reflective spray. Guaranteed to be able to turn any item of clothing into a safety conscious light reflecting surface it has one major quality that your bloke will love, it is invisible in normal light. Imagine the fun he will have going around spraying his friends jackets  and then imagine the giggles, laughs and knife fights when those mates find out that on their back, reflected in the headlights of the following masses is written “I am a dick”…go on, you know it makes sense!

Stay safe


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