Get out there

Get out there

Hello people,

Well thank fuck for that, the football is over, the French are happy and I can turn on the TV again without getting pundits trying to convince me that there is some sort of artistic, almost spiritual beauty in some undoubtedly talented guys kicking a ball about. If they want to do that they should comment about MotoGP.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed it is summer out there.  Well it is here in France and we, and most of Europe, haven’t seen rain worth mentioning for the past 6 weeks. On top of that it has been scorching, and if not scorching hot enough that you can’t tell the difference. It is the moment of truth now for us Europeans,  if we don’t go somewhere in the next few weeks we are going to miss out on a glorious summer that probably won’t be repeated in our lifetimes.  Imagine sitting in the pub in twenty years time and having to listen to the guys telling their stories of the summer of ’18 for the umpteenth time and knowing that you let it pass you by in a belief that there is always next year.

There is nothing stopping you taking the family!

I know there is always an excuse not to go:

Kids, well there is always the partner to look after them and if you chose wisely they won’t mind or your parents won’t mind looking after the grandkid. If push comes to shove you could always try your parents, parents or as a last resort your partners parents….I know, but needs must.

“The bike is no good for touring”, what a load of crap and I say that with the authority of someone who toured all over Europe on a GPz600r. If I could do it on that you can do it on anything and think of the fun you are going to have on those mountain passes once you have put up the tent and got rid of the luggage.

Essential, according to mums everywhere

You haven’t got the equipment, well tents don’t cost much, and push comes to shove you can do it without a tent, all you really need is a bank card, a bit of cash and a tooth brush….oh and I suppose a few pairs of clean underwear just because my mum always told me to have clean underwear in case of an accident….I think she meant a motorcycle accident, not the sort from eating a dodgy curry but I might be wrong.

I am sure I have forgotten something

“I don’t know where to go”, in this age of Google, GPS and smart phones this is almost the lamest excuse out there. Ok , they have taken away the mystery and adventure and replaced it all with the virtual or the nice easy safe routes. Well forget those things, get out a map, pin it to the wall and throw three darts at it. Anything closer than 200 miles throw again and now plan a route between those three places you have selected. See easy a whole tour in ten minutes!

So there you go, there is not one excuse that is a good excuse for not going out and putting some miles on your bike and some memories in your head. Personally, Ireland and Burgundy are calling. Maybe I will tell you all about them when I get back…or next year when we are sitting on a pub stool listening to the rain come down in August!

Stay safe


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