Getting away from it all

Getting away from it all

Hello people…

It can’t be helped; it is just one of those things that happens to us all at some time or another.  Yes, however horrendous the thought sometimes we have to spend an extended period away from our loved ones.  It might be work that drags us away, maybe an illness or most common, and recurring a family holiday, it pains me to say it but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and leave your bike at home.

When the enforced absence is work related you normally have plenty to do to keep you occupied, when it is health related you are normally too busy trying to get well to worry too much about it, but the family holiday…what can you do to ease the pain?

How you hope it will be

Well I have really enjoyed reading a book called Road Racer. It is the biography of Michael Dunlop, brother of William, son of Robert and nephew to the great Joey. It really is a great read, and a real insight into what makes him great and what makes the dynasty click. It is also a little bit spooky as it was only a couple of weeks ago that William was killed at the Skerris and the book was written while he was still alive. When you look at the history of the Dunlop’s it really does make you wonder what makes them tick, this book goes some way to helping you understand what makes one of them tick.

The reality

Of course, while you are sitting in the sun, reading the book, you need to keep hydrated. So why not prepare fully by taking the family for a cultural visit to the local shops and markets. If you are lucky you might just find some “interesting” beverages to try.  I find that partaking in the local produce is a good way of getting a handle on the region you are visiting.

Now you need to relax, so grab the book, the beer…or whatever beverage you chose, and get down to the local beach or lake. Here you can observe the wildlife, both indigenous and migratory and marvel at the plumage, colors and rituals that they display. As with any natural history expedition, the right equipment is important, dark glasses to cut down glare, and some camouflaged clothing to blend in is essential. Some of the species you might see you will find shocking, some truly beautiful and others…well maybe the phrase “the things you see when you haven’t got your gun” sums it up well?

You can only hope you spot one of this quality

As evening falls and beer o’clock arrives you can praise the gods of technology for the wonder of 4g, free Wi-Fi and the smart phone.  Crack open a cold one or two and do some virtual window-shopping, plan where you will go on that road trip with the mates next year. Visit EBay or if you are rich enough some dealers sites and consider just what you might do that road trip on and then do it all again to find the kit you might need, taking in the MotoMinds site as well. One word of warning however, alcohol does impair judgement so I would suggest that you do not visit EBay after too many cold ones, been there, done that, learned the lesson!

Oh and if you need an excuse to be online and not sharing quality family time, remember to open a browser window with a search for local attractions on it….you know it makes sense.

Stay safe and enjoy your vacations



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