Don’t Panic !

There is still time, honestly there is. Thanks to all the advertising you are seeing it seems that Christmas is already here but in reality you still have three weeks to find that perfect present for the biker in your life.

Of course this is actually a simple thing to do, just take a look around our website and buy it all and they will be like a dog with two tails, happy as you can imagine. However, seeing as you are reading this you have probably already bought stuff from us and are just looking for inspiration for that little something extra. So here, without any more waffle from me are some ideas …..

In this world having your electrical gadgets is a must for most people. Due to this, having your electrical gadgets charged is a constant concern and as you are a biker things are a little bit more difficult than say a car driver who can just lay everything on the seat and charge them all from the battery as they are driving along. So how about a power bank?  I have one with built in solar panels and it is brilliant. Choose one that is powerful enough to charge your phone a few times and use the solar panels to keep it charged up. I went away camping for a week this year and my power bank was enough to keep everything charged with no stress whatsoever.

For the biker who has everything, how about this?  You have seen the T-shirt but for some reason I think that this has that little something extra that makes it just about perfect…

How about a track day? I know I push track days as a great thing but that is because they are, and they are a gift that just keeps giving. The memories will stay with your beloved forever as will the knowledge and skill they gain from their day of being able to push their limits in total safety.  For the perfect present try and get a track day where the bikes are provided, that way they won’t be worried about their pride and joy and so will be able to get the most out of it.

Now this is something I think I might buy, if Father Christmas doesn’t bring me one that is. A solar powered trickle charger.  Honestly I think this is a brilliant idea, it is green, gadgety and it will help keep your battery in perfect condition, what more could you ask for?

Ok they are not motorcycle manuals...but I bet they would still want them!

When all else fails there is always the default setting and that is to buy them some tools. You can never have enough tools and quality tools especially but, any biker worth his salt probably has anything they need already. However you can buy them something that will help them use those tools, why not buy them a service manual for their ride?  Haynes in the UK write some brilliant ones as do Clymer in the USA and they are not just for the workshop. The attractive covers, a large photo of their machine, make it a lovely coffee table style book to delight guests who come for the next dinner party…or it can be used as a beer mat to protect the table when the guys are round watching the next moto GP round!

Did I mention we have some really great gifts on this site as well? Go on, take a look around, spend lots of money, you know it makes sense!

Stay safe



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