Great idea?

Great idea?

It is Monday again, surprising how they come around so quickly. I am sure there must be more than one per week but I am assured that this is not the case and so therefore I sit here, at work, wishing for the weekend. Of course it could be worse, it could be Sunday afternoon at about five pm, for me that is when Monday is at its worse, the monster that casts its shadow over the last evening of the weekend….unless I am out on my bike that is, then I couldn’t give a shit!

I know I should have been working. It is however Monday, something I may have mentioned before, and so I was browsing the net this morning, looking at motorcycle sites, thinking of what I was going to write to you lot when I came across an article that inspired me. 

I am sure all of you have had brilliant ideas that when implemented were not really so brilliant after all. Personally speaking I can think of at least a thousand or so, but for a good half of them I can blame alcohol or peer pressure, or a dangerous mixture of the two.  Take this example, France, summer, sometime in the late ‘90s and I was sitting at a friend’s house soaking up the last rays of sunshine supping on a cold beer or ten when the phone rang. A mate turns up, unannounced after hitching his way from the South of France trying to get back home to England.  Seeing as I was one up on my Tenéré and not heavily loaded I offered to give him a lift and so we enjoyed the last days of holiday before the ride back. The morning of the ride home came, the bike was packed and I shot off to get some petrol.  On arriving back I noticed that part of my side panel was pushing onto the very end of the silencer and I realized this would only get worse when my pillion got on.

Not the look I was hoping for!

Now here comes the not so inspired idea; I decided that it would be a good idea to wire a spacer onto the silencer to hold the side panel out from the silencer. So far so good, but I also decided that a wooden spacer would do the job just fine.  About thirty kilometers down the road I found out how wrong I was as I was overtaken by a car with a woman gesticulating wildly from the window. Realizing there must be a problem I pulled over and suddenly my mate jumps off the back of the bike shouting and beating on his jacket.  It turns out that even the tail end of a silencer will get hot enough to ignite a piece of wood and that in turn will ignite a side panel, a pannier and an oil soaked  cutoff! The only reason it hadn’t happened before is because the wind was blowing the flames backwards, which must have been somewhat impressive for the following car.


A brilliant idea, that wasn’t quite so brilliant in the end, a bit like this hover bike from Russia. It is wonderful, I would love one….but, like with the block of wood, it would all end in tears if you fell into those rotors…brilliant, but fundamentally flawed!

Stay safe


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