Happy New Year

Happy New Year

The New Year has come and gone and so, hopefully have all the hangovers.  I wonder how many of you remember the New Year resolutions that you decided were a good idea when you were slightly worse for wear. Personally I do, but that is only because this year I tried something completely different, I stayed sober! Ok the reality is that I was on driving duty, it was the turn of the one who must be obeyed to have fun with the friends but the effect was still the same. One strange thing I found out was that January 1st actually exists and that on that elusive day I can actually say things that do not include, “Owww , blurrgh, aargh or I am never going to drink again”.

But what about those New Year’s resolutions?

Well , let me tell you now, the ones you made are probably not going to be kept, I mean, really, can you see yourself giving up alcohol, joining a gym, running a marathon or being nice to the in-laws?  I understand that they were made with the best of intentions at their heart but face it, they are just not going to happen so why not replace them with some that you might just manage to do?

What about resolving to get in touch with old friends who might have slipped from being constant companions but never slipped from your thoughts? We all do it, life happens and things change and we lose touch with guys and gals who were like blood kin. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about them anymore it just means life has got in the way so why not just drop them a line, call them up, find them on face book or just pop round and see them and go for a ride together.

Or maybe you should decide that upgrading your riding skills should be your resolution. A track day is a great way of finding that you are capable of so much more on your bike. I would suggest buying a cheap bike though, or hiring one, after all finding where your limits are often means exceeding them and that can be a tad expensive on your pride and joy. Another option is to get a cheap motocrosser and go and do some off roading. Nothing will teach you more about handling a bike in a tricky situation better than learning to ride off road.

On the other hand you could always go and do that mega road trip that you and the guys have been talking about for years.  Stop talking about it and go and do it before it is too late, the trip might only last a week of your life but the memories will be there until it ends and that is enough of a reason to do it on its own.

Then there is ones that cost nothing but might pay you back the most, you could resolve that after working on your bike you make sure you wash and rinse your hands properly before wiping them on the clean towels. Or perhaps you could even make sure that if you use the kitchen measuring jug to measure the amount of oil you are putting in your bike you don’t leave it outside for a couple of weeks….I guess washing it out afterwards to might also be an idea to win you brownie points, but we don’t want to get carried away do we?

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that 2018 is a great year for you and yours and remember to:

Stay safe





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