Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

I know some of you reading this are not a US citizens, but tomorrow, Thursday 23rd November,  is Thanksgiving, which is kind of a big thing for our friends in the USA and so today’s  blog is dedicated to their national day of giving thanks for roast Turkey!

Hello dudes and dudesses, and happy Thanksgiving, well for tomorrow anyway, or for yesterday if you are reading this on Friday.  I hope that the Turkey will be wonderful and that you found plenty of common themes to argue about as a family when you sat down for that feast before the match.  

I have done some research about the traditions of Thanksgiving, extensive research,  I was on the net at least five minutes and left traumatized, because I put  “stuffing Turkey” into Google and, well , enough said really. So then I tried talking to every American I could find in my vicinity (1) and he told me, well not a lot really, seeing as he was my daughters Micky Mouse figurine…but he does come from Florida so he is a real American.  So I am going to have to go with the tradition I know of, and that is the one of Giving Thanks for all that has happened during the year and so, here goes, my motorcycle related, Thanks!

I want to give thanks for my bike. It has taken me places beyond those you can find on a map. I have been to visit people’s lives and they have entered into mine. It has taken me to sensations so profound that they have altered my soul and changed me forever and it has transported me in such a way that I can “live a life less ordinary”.

I want to give thanks for all those friends I have met on the way, the Brothers and Sisters that have made my life a joy to live.  Those soul mates who are there through thick and thin, who don’t just listen to the stories that you tell but make them with you. I also want to give thanks for those that have moved on to the great motorcycling heaven that awaits us all. Their memories make life seem less sure, less permanent and yet fill it with their eternal presence, their gift of being forever in our memories, just a thought away across the years.

I want to thank the song of the bikes, the soundtrack of my life. I want to thank the potato, potato of the V twin,  the howl of the inline four and the rumble of the triple, all as different as Beyonce and Motorhead, and yet all as tuneful as each other.

I want to thank the sun, for being able to leave the pullover at home, warm tarmac and summer clothes on beautiful people.  I want to thank the rain for washing clean the roads,  cooling me on a hot summer day and for making staying in bearable.

And finally I want to give thanks for all those wonderful men and women, in the USA, Britain, Italy and Japan who keep combining two wheels and suck, squeeze, bang and blow in so many different ways and keep making it all so much fun! Thank you

Happy Thanksgiving to you all

And stay safe


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