Have an egg-cellent Easter.

Have an egg-cellent Easter.

Hoppy Easter everyone….see what I did there? Certainly is a great one here as the sun is out and the weather is just the right side of warm and I am on holiday.

Well I guess you know what I might be going to rabbit on about today, yep Easter. I don’t know about you guys but in the UK, where I just happen to be right now, Easter has become a sort of traditional first big run out for a lot of people being the first decent bank holiday of the year with the possibility of good weather.  Of course the good weather isn’t guaranteed, after all the church did have to give us a variable Easter date.  As we all know JC was crucified on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox which can be any date between the 22 March and 25th April, which at this time of year in the UK does allow for a great deal of pointless conversation about the weather which is a British national sport.

Maybe it is partly this confusion that led to the great “battles” of the Mods and Rockers. Back in 1964 while the Hippies were just beginning to get high, in the UK the Easter run to the sea by the Mods and the Rockers turned into running battles between the two groups most famously in Hastings,  after all battles there are also a part of British tradition! They didn’t need much egging on to have a rematch a few weeks later in Brighton. That one lasted two days, but the original was at Easter and caused a national outcry.

Luckily things have calmed down a bit now, the runs to the coast now only have to run the gauntlet of speed traps,  fixed radars and dads in cars filled with screaming kids and wound up wives who just want to get there,  wherever there might be.   Statistics that I just made up tell me that Easter on the roads is without doubt as dangerous a playing catch with a  live grenade covered in poison spikes, so be careful out there guys and girls. Oh and if you don’t live in Australia give a little cheer of happiness,  because my mate Google tells me that if you live there you are rewarded with double points on your license for doing something wrong on the roads over the Easter period.

This is just silly!

Rather than bleating on about all these bad thing let me offer some advice. Stay put, or maybe  just ride a little bit  to a friend’s house conveniently close to a pub which has a beer festival on and then lose the bike keys for the rest of the weekend and impose on said mates hospitality until you happen to find them again on the Monday.  Which is why I am writing this, in a pub with a beer festival on, my keys safely lost in my pocket, my mates at the bar and a big joint of Lamb being made ready for later (it really is a very good pub!) …Why Lamb? Because it is a sacred animal and the one thing that the devil can’t imitate so you know what you eat is going to be good, damn sneaky these religious types!

That's all yolks!

Stay safe and don’t eat too much Chocolate


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