I am sure that is where I left it....

I am sure that is where I left it....

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I love my bike

And I bet you love yours to

So where is it right now…..?

Are you sure…..?

The sad thing is that in the next few minutes quite a few motorcycles will be stolen and yours, or mine, might well be one of them.  Loads has been written about how to protect your bike from theft, but as the spring is now here and summer is on its way I think I am going to add my voice to that crowd.  You see, short of bringing your bike into your bedroom at night or your work place every day, or taking it onto the beach or for a meal in the restaurant there is no certain way of making sure your bike is safe.  You can however make it more likely to be where you left it if you are just a little bit sensible.

The most important thing to remember about motorcycle security is if the thieves really want to steal your bike they probably will…so you have to make them not want to, you have to make them look at your bike , think “not worth the risk and effort “ and move on to the next one.  

Any lock is better than no lock, but a lock looped through the front wheel and left lying on the floor is pretty useless. The front wheel is easy to remove, a lock on the floor can easily be attacked with a hammer and freeze spray and if the bike is not actually locked to something then it is easy to load into a van.  So when using a bike lock, loop it through the frame, keep it tight and off the ground and loop it round something that is not going anywhere, such as a lamp post or a ground anchor or me in a pub! 

Disc locks are another deterrent but have the same problem as a chain looped through the front wheel.  They are harder to remove though and they will probably stop someone riding off on your bike.  Just remember that they are there when you go for a ride! Talking of stopping people just hot wiring and riding off on your bike  you could just carry a spanner with you and remove the clutch lever every time you park up. That will stop anyone making a quick getaway on your pride and joy.

Personally I don’t think much of the smart water marking devices, the GPS trackers and all the other things that allow you to locate your bike or identify parts of your bike after it has been stolen.  To me they rather defeat the object, which is to stop your bike being stolen in the first place. I don’t really want back a bike that has been thrashed and abused, let alone one that is in pieces. To me the only good thing about these systems is the sticker acts as a deterrent to the thieves, as long as you put it somewhere that they can see it!

Basically the best way to look after your bike, in my opinion is to make it harder to steal than someone else’s. Yes I know it is a crap thought but it is the truth none the less!

Stay safe



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