I really mean it this time

I really mean it this time

Thank the gods that today is post day and not yesterday!  In fact I don’t think yesterday actually happened, it was cancelled due to lack of interest.  As you can probably tell the New Year was a good one for me. I had a heroic battle with a bottle of Jack Daniels and I believe, considering my state yesterday, it can be considered a draw.  Anyway, now the crying, praying to the gods and swearing of oaths never to drink again are all in the past it is time to reveal my New Year resolutions for 2017…well some of them, some are not fit to write about and seeing as this is the internet that is saying something.  So let us start with…

Get fitter

I have written about fitness and how bikes get you fitter in the past. However now I am talking about me getting fitter so I can ride my bike better.  We all know the punishment a body takes from riding all day, and those of use with naked bikes know it even better as our neck muscles will testify.   However if you have ever done a track day you will have had those feelings magnified tenfold.  Arm muscles pumping up due to extra heavy braking and aches and pains from slinging your weight around and just hanging on. All those things happen on the road to a greater or lesser degree and so being a bit fitter will help stop those things distracting you when you really need your concentration most.  There is also the little fact that if you don’t have to buy new leathers to accommodate the new you it will be possible to buy that new whatever. OH and that is another thing, why bother buying trick expensive carbon parts to save a few ounces when you can do that by losing a few from yourself…cheaper, healthier and quicker, what more could you want?

Look after the bikes better-

I don’t do a  bad job of this anyway, but there is always room for improvement, especially for the Z1100 that has been suffering from an electrical problem for the past 6 months that I haven’t got round to looking at yet.

Get the ZXR back on the track –

I wish mine looked this good

Back in this list for the third year in succession, maybe I will actually replace the fuel pump this year and start it…..or am I simply dreaming? I have to hope that the guilt I feel when I go into the workshop and see it is going to be enough to kick my ass into actually doing something, watch this space!

And talking of the workshop

Tidy up the workshop-

Dream of the impossible!

It needs emptying and sorting out. There is stuff in there that belongs on Ebay, hell there is stuff in there that belongs in a museum!  There are tools that need putting away since I inherited them from my dad and there is a whole new area just through a wall that I can extend into. All it would need is a large hammer and a set of doors.

Go and visit friends –

I must make time to go and see some old friends back in England, I promise myself every year to do that but because of other commitments it never happens. This year it is going to the top of the list! Which of course means that my heartfelt proclamation yesterday, that I would “never drink again” is not going to happen….oh well, time for a beer I suppose!

Stay safe


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