I'm sure that's where I left it 2

I'm sure that's where I left it 2

“Basically the best way to look after your bike, in my opinion is to make it harder to steal than someone else’s. Yes I know it is a crap thought but it is the truth none the less!”

So what sort of tricks can you use to do this?

There are two different situations to consider, security at home and security when you are out on the road.  Security in your own home should be the easiest, especially if you have a garage.  However the stupid thing is that a lot of us are very lazy and don’t do all the things we should to secure our bikes every night, and the thieves rely on this.  For instance, if you have a garage it is great, if you don’t put your bike in it, not so great. Same goes for making sure it is locked. Any lock that is used is better than nothing but if you can make sure your garage seriously well locked on the inside as well then you will be able to sleep happier at night.  Bolts and bars are easy to install and can’t be picked or easily cut without making a lot of noise, so make sure that your main door is secured with these if you can.

Like this, but on the inside and two of them!

 It is a lot easier to provide a small exit door with a decent locking system so use that as your way in and out of the garage. Tiresome I know, but very secure.  Why not get a motion sensitive light and rig that up to and while you’re at it a fake cctv camera, and make sure that is in an easy to see position so that the thieves know they are risking being on film. Another thing you can do, if you can’t afford a real alarm is put a fake alarm box on the outside of the garage, again in plain sight.  OK they might think it is fake but are they certain? For your average thief going down the road to the next place that certainly doesn’t have an alarm is much more attractive.  When it comes to inside the garage the best thing you can do is install a ground anchor, and the best ground anchors are the ones that are installed when you lay the concrete floor.  If that wasn’t an option there are still some great ones out there but remember, don’t buy a good anchor and a cheap chain. That would be a bit silly wouldn’t it?

So, finally, after removing all the security, you  get to go out for a ride on your bike. You decide to go into town and get a beer at that new bar.  Now where do you park….?

Is it up that quiet alley where nobody goes, well away from eyes that might just see your pride and joy, or is it in the bike park with all those other bikers hanging around and having a chat all afternoon?

Of course it is the bike park, which hopefully also has something like ground anchors to lock your pride and joy to (with a good expensive chain and lock).  Thieves are shy and timid creatures, they like the quiet places to practice their dark arts, so don’t park your bike in a quiet place….ever, well not if you want it to be there when you get back that is. Again, make your security measures obvious, a bright yellow disc lock, with a built in anti tamper alarm even better.  A sticker saying that you bike is tagged, even if it isn’t or how about a flashing led…is it an alarm or a clever trick?





As I have said before and probably will again, you don’t have to make your bike unstealable, you just have to make it harder to steal than somebody else’s!

And on that cheerful note I am off to lock the garage before I look like a total twit….

Stay safe


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