It is a funny old world.

It is a funny old world.

There is nothing quite so depressing as elections,  and here in Europe we are in the middle of two of them, and football, soccer to those of you over the water,  that is quite depressing as well. The site of grown men falling over pretending to be hurt and getting paid millions to do so is quite sickening.  If I was playing football and my opponent fell over and pretended I had hurt him the next time I would make sure he really was hurt.  Anyway, what has this got to do with motorcycles?  Well absolutely nothing apart from the fact that today I went on the web and cheered myself up with some motorcycling silliness, enjoy!

Sometimes you really wonder why people would do something, just what possessed them?  Why would someone take a perfectly good cement mixer and turn it into a trike, thus removing its ability to make cement and creating something that is really not at all fit for purpose? Then of course the answer hits you,  because they can….and I am sure beer must have been involved as well, and mates…probably money to. Anyway thank the gods for people like this guy, the world is a richer place because of him.

Another interesting idea here,  gloves that act as indicators. Personally I prefer indictors on my bike because of the deceleration that occurs when I take my right hand off the bars to indicate.  However even worse in my point of view is a GPS direction indicator built into a glove.  The idea, I think, is that the dial on the back of your glove shows you what direction you should be going.  Personally I don’t even like GPS  on my bike,  what has happened to us that now we don’t even bother learning how to get from A to B?  Anyway, if you are interested here are links to the respective websites.


We all need to laugh from time to time, so here is one of my all time favorite jokes.

I love my motorcycle - it's great for getting to the front of queues quicker.

It does always terrify the other people in the post office though.

Reminds me of a time in a bar in Holland, but that is another story.

Another way of alleviating boredom is to learn something new. Triumph in their wisdom created this great commercial that explains in great detail just how they built a bike as special as the Rocket III.  Personally I love the bit about quick direction change abilities being taken  from the “argument lobe of the female brain”

Finally, for today, here is a video that shows exactly why we love bikes.  In itself it says something that only a child can express through body language just what it is that makes us love bikes.

Here’s to never growing up

Stay safe



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