It's a steal

It's a steal

Your pride and joy of the past few months or years is going to be replaced. The vehicle you expressed  undying love for only a matter of weeks ago down the pub has lost its attraction, you heartless person!

I can only hope that you have decided to sell your bike to finance another one, it is the only viable excuse, but even if you are going to the dark side you will want to get the best price and that means making sure you actually get money for your bike.

As you might have noticed I am Mr. Paranoid when it comes to security and bikes. This is due to experience and one of those experiences came whilst selling a bike. This was in the days before internet and Motorcycle news and the local newspapers were the best way to get a buyer.  I had advertised a nice Super Tenere for sale in both and sure enough I had a phone call or ten asking for details about the bike. From these phone calls I found a couple of people who were serious about buying and so we arranged and appointment for them to come and see the bike.  The first guy turned up, had a look around the bike, made all the right noises and then made me an offer that was a bit below what I wanted. I told him that I had another person interested and he said “fair enough” but if I the other guy didn’t want it, his offer was still on the table.

The second guy turned up and again made the right noises but this time he decided he wasn’t interested. Things like that happen and so I phoned the first guy, haggled a bit more with him and finally we agreed on a price, less than I wanted but more then he wanted to pay. He said he would come round the next day to pick up the bike and all was good.


That night about 2am the dog started going nuts and the security lighting came on and the garage alarm started howling.  I managed to get outside just in time to see someone legging it down the drive, jumping in a van and disappearing into the night at a fair speed.

I never said it was a big dog!

From this I learned a few important things, firstly spending that money on the alarm was a good idea, and having the bike locked up in the garage wasn’t so bad either.  I also learned that when you sell a bike second hand, you should never, ever agree to meet at your place. I am not saying that the low life who came to try and steal my bike was one of the guys who had visited earlier in the day, I don’t know….but I have my suspicions.  If someone did want to steal a bike though, posing as a buyer would certainly give them the chance to look over the bike at their leisure, find out where it is kept and also checkout the security around the place.   I was lucky, they didn’t know I had a dog because I had locked him in the house and I had the bike out on the drive so they didn’t get to go in the garage and see the alarm system.  Now however I don’t leave it to chance when I want to sell.  I take the bike to a public car park and I take a couple of mates with me, “to drive me home just in case I sell it”.  This has the added advantage of allowing me to warm the bike up properly and so avoid some of those difficult starting problems!

It is a very precious wheel

So clean it, make it sparkly, adjust the chain, warm it up and make sure you know what it is worth…but above all, be careful, there are a lot of assholes out there.

Stay safe


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