It's a steal

It's a steal

My mate had his bike stolen the other day….

In the Uk they reckon that some 30,000 motorcycles will be reported stolen this year and they expect to only recover 40% of them which means about 18,000 bikes are never seen again.

Now you might think that it’s just flashy desirable stuff such as sports bikes and Harleys that go missing but nope, just about anything can and is targeted because not all thieves are stealing because the bike is worth something. Nope more and more are stealing your bike to use in another robbery as a getaway vehicle. I don’t know about the states but in the UK snatching bags and phones from pedestrians whilst riding a bike and then disappearing off through the traffic seems to be the crime of the moment.

The possibility of having your bike stolen, whatever your bike is, is getting higher and insurance companies are now either insisting on anti-theft devices or offering good discounts if you have them.  So, how can you make sure that you come back to your bike and not just an empty space?

Identification aid - A thief...just add motorcycle

You might not remember, use, or even think it is worth using but remember your bike has a steering lock built in.  Ok it is next to useless, but it is not completely useless and it is just one more thing that a bike thief would have to defeat.  It might make the difference between them stealing yours or stealing the next one along.

Next, if you have the choice, when at home, don’t leave your bike parked in full view on the drive. If you have a closed yard take it inside, if you have a garage put it inside.  Thieves often steal to order, so don’t give them a shop window. That said, if you do have to leave it outside cover it up, leave it under a street light and if there are video surveillance about park it by that. Don’t stick it down a dark alley and hope they won’t notice it, they will and it makes a perfect place to work on the security you have attached to it.  

Talking of which, a disc lock is a must. You can get them with alarms built in to but I don’t rate alarms much. Look how many people ignore car and bike alarms these days.  Disc locks have one drawback, take the wheel out and the bike can be taken away. A quality chain, through the frame attached to something immovable, like me on a bar stool, is the best.

What is wrong with this picture?

If you are lucky enough to have a garage then make it super secure.  Bars on the windows, loads of locks on the doors, automatic lights are great and even a fake or if possible camera. A fake or real alarm system on the wall outside is a great deterrent to. If you add all of that to a  good secure ground anchor and there is a good chance that any thief would give up and just go home for some hot chocolate.  

However ,  like my mate you can have all those things and know all those things, but if you don’t use them then they are useless…just like my mate who left his bike parked up, on the street with no locks because he thought he would be popping out again soon. Luckily it was his old hack that went missing but he did end up having to spend a lot longer at his in-laws than he wanted…hopefully that has taught him a lesson!

Stay safe


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