It's all fuggy

It's all fuggy

Back from England and I am shocked to report that I didn’t need waterproofs, not even once, not even to keep warm! Of course now I am back the weather has turned and I have had to light the fire but who cares, for a week I have had a preview of the summer and it is looking good.

I have noted before that the idea that although the world finds motorcycles and motorcyclists sexy the reality is often far removed from that.  I noticed recently that I didn’t really like standing around in my crash helmet for too long. The fug that assaulted my nostrils when I put it on was probably noxious enough to have Donald Trump order a cruise missile strike.  The ride home from England brought this home to me and so before my head disappeared in a fire ball I decided to do something about it.

My instant reaction was to buy a new crash helmet, but on reflection, and on consultation with the bank, I decided that another course of action was necessary.  The only thing for it was to give it a clean.  

Just incase you didn't know, this is soap!

I have done this before, but as you can tell not that many times. It always surprises me that as motorcyclists it is one area that we often neglect.  You wouldn’t dry yourself with a towel that you have been using for months and you certainly wouldn’t wear the same clothes, well not if you expected anyone to come near you.  So after a good night’s sleep I pulled the liner out of my crash helmet and put it in a sink of warm water to soak. Then I used some gentle soap, baby shampoo is excellent, and gave it a good hand wash.  I prefer washing by hand because I am not too certain how robust the material that lines a crash helmet is.  I suppose a gentle, 30°c cycle, on the washing machine would be ok but seeing as I don’t trust my abilities to work that properly hand washing is the most reassuring.  There is also some satisfaction to be gained by seeing the color of the water after washing is finished. You can really see that you have done a job that needed doing and you can see the results of your labor.

I suppose you could do your helmet at the same time!

During the washing process I did get to wondering how you would wash a helmet that did not have a removable lining and I reckon that I would take it into the shower with me and give it a good scrubbing. The other options would be those powder and dry helmet cleaning sprays you can get but I reckon that they probably just kill anything living in it and make it smell nice, not really clean the muck out.

All that needed to be done then was to let the liner dry gently and replace carefully, then you can once again put your helmet on and not have your eyes water and your nose shut down.   

This cleaning spree has also got me thinking that female friends seem to love the look of my leathers, but when it comes to giving them a friendly hug they tend to prefer I remove the jacket first. I guess that after 8 years of sweat and road crap it also might benefit from a quick clean….if this keeps up I might end up having a shower to, whether I need one or not!

Stay safe


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