Money, money, money

Money, money, money

Hello boys and girls.

It is that time of year again when Mr IRS sends out lots of nice big cheques so that you can buy a new motorcycle or at least seriously consider it. Of course, if you do not live in the states maybe you don’t get a refund so feel free to replace tax refund with win on the horses or even just payday!

I was chatting to one of the club in the pub yesterday; turns out he has just come into some money and is considering an addition to his garage. Of course the next thing that happens is an evening of discussing just which bike he should buy…actually that is not quite true, the first thing that happened is that as he had come into some money it was his round.

Essential when considering which bike is the next bike.

Anyway back to the bikes, what would you choose if you came into a decent bit of money? Of course this question has nearly as many answers as there are bikes to buy and people to ride them. Harleys are always up there on the list; after all they are a Harley Davidson. If you want to go touring with a pillion then a big trail bike is the weapon of choice, and a Triumph Tiger seems to be the one at the top of the tree. Want to go ballistic?  Kawasaki’s H2 will bend space and time at the twist of a throttle, and if you want a track day bike; “How about a nice CBR650 sir?”

Everyone has a right to dream!

It is a choice that is so difficult to make that it can take many pints of beer before you come to the conclusion that there is no definitive bike you want, it is in fact bikes. So, when said mate, mentioned that he might actually have the money for more than one new bike, we immediately found that it was really important that he bought us another round before restarting the conversation to take the lucky bastard’s windfall into account.

In most of our realities it is not quite as simple as that is it? Most of us have better halves that that need to be manipulated, bribed or even in a worst-case scenario listened to. God forbid, some of us might even have a better half that has plans for that money as well which unfortunately is the case for my mate. The same night in the same pub, I had the same conversation with her except I didn’t have to ask her to buy me a beer because she offered! She also was quite happy with the idea of one bike, and she knew exactly what a lady of a slight stature and limited riding experience wanted, a KTM 390 Duke. No pondering, no discussion just a decision made on her own after visiting a bike show or two.  Yep, she had ruined all the fun but I can forgive a lot when somebody else is buying the beer!

Decisions shouldn't be this easy.

So there was the problem my mate has to face, buying one bike for him and one for his better half… or did he? You see, that was not quite the end of the evening’s conversations because when the KTM loving lady joined us and her better half, she uttered the words that most of us only dream of hearing;

“If you want to buy two bikes you will clean out the garage and tidy it all up so that I can get my new KTM in there as well”

Jealous, me?   Bloody right I am jealous!


Stay safe



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