more bits and bobs

more bits and bobs

It’s Friday, so I guess that means that the weekend is just around the corner. For me this weekend is likely to be cancelled because with friends visiting from as far afield as Brazil beer might well stop play. 

Well that is mine sorted, wht do you want?

This reminds me, I must buy myself a Breathalyzer kit, in France it is now officially law to carry one so that you can check your alcohol level before you drive.  I say officially the law, up until now the police have not bothered to enforce it but with public finances being in a poor state it is only a matter of time before they decide to raise revenue by doing so.  Another law you might not know about over here is that you are now meant to carry a reflective safety jacket with you whenever you are riding. You don’t have to wear it, unless you break down, but you do have to have it with you and they have been known to check for this, just something to note if you fancy a holiday riding around France next year.

Another law that has just recently been passed is that in Germany in 2030 no more new internal combustion vehicles are to be allowed on the road and you have to take into consideration that German regulations have historically shaped many EU regulations.

If this actually happens it is going to have a huge impact on the motorcycle industry. BMW’s Head of motorcycle development said "An electric superbike is possible, but it has a very limited range due to its high power. An electric GS would need range and not so much power. Until we have a good solution for range, it will take time for electric vehicles to expand beyond urban riding." Whoever works out how to make the next generation of super batteries is going to a very rich person indeed.  Of course this also means that the second hand price of our petrol driven beauties is going to go up, especially those of the last generation to go on the road…..but I guess so will the price of spares, I had better start stocking up before the rush!

After browsing through loads of articles from Intermot, looking at loads of beautiful machines and lusting after at least half of them I have decided that I would still stick with my first object of desire from there, The New Triumph Street Cup. Based on the Bonneville it is a 900cc twin, with beautiful Café Racer styling and there are already 120 accessories that you can choose from to personalize it and that is just official Triumph ones.  It is a pretty,  pretty thing and  now on my Christmas list…because no one bought me one for my birthday.

To finish with, over there in the States there has been an attempt at the world record for the longest “no handed” ride.  The record stood at 137.94 miles and two friends, Shelton Foster and Mike Wall, decided that they would try to break that record and make some money for charity at the same time.  Both say that they have ridden 1000’s of miles, no handed, in the past and had completed 40 circuits of the MSR Speedway in Angleton Texas.  However on the day of the record attempt things did not go quite to plan and Foster crashed on the very first lab, damaging his bike, himself and no doubt his pride in the process.  In the true spirit of these things the two have promised to try again in a couple of months time, just as soon as Foster’s body and bike are repaired, good luck to them

And on that it is time to go and make up some beds for those who don’t make it back home to their pits tonight

Stay Safe

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