More bits and more bobs

More bits and more bobs

It is like Christmas all over again, the sky is grey, there is a light rain and the roads are covered in mud! However thanks to my spending spree on eBay packages have started arriving at the door, and so I am all excited. I have just unwrapped a lovely carbon fiber hugger and, instead of writing this, I really feel I should be fitting it. I guess that means I had better get on with this post so I can then!

First up, bad news,  if you live in the States and you own a Suzuki DL650 that was built between 2011 and 2015 then you should be getting a letter from your dealer.  If you don’t go and see a Suzuki dealer because they have issued a call back on this model because it is possible that the engine can cut out due to a wiring fault in the alternator. Good luck with that! (If I owned one of these I would go talk to my dealer anyway, whatever country I lived in, just to be safe.)


More bad news, after 18 years Polaris has decided to stop production of Victory Motorcycles. I guess it makes sense as they also own Indian and the two are in direct competition but it is always sad when a bike maker disappears.  They have pledged to support current owners for the next 10 years, supplying parts and honoring warrantees. I guess that if you want a new one now is the time to get one as I imagine the prices will be dropping fast. Unfortunately if you own one already this will also mean the second hand price will be falling as well, sorry! Bye bye Victory, you made some great bikes.

Next up is Honda who are doing the BMW thing of having a bike that stands up on its own, with no stand.  They are coming at it from a different direction and say it is to help with low speed stability. The system would kick in at less than 3mph, changing the angle of the forks, and thus lowering the bike and also using stability technology from their robotics department and the famous ASIMO robot.  This technology means there are no heavy gyroscopes used in the system. Although like the BMW this is also a concept bike the main difference is that Honda have actually built it and showed it off at the Las Vegas CES Tech show.

Obi Wan Kenobi is selling one of his bikes! If you happen to be in Las Vegas Pop down to Bonham’s auction on the 26th of January and you can own his chop. It was built by Indian Larry Motorcycles and, until the auction, is owned by Ewan McGregor. If you don’t fancy that you can pick up a Vincent Black Shadow instead or even a 1912 Harley owned by Steve McQueen; imagine showing that to your mates!

And if you think the ride to work can be tough sometimes, spare a thought for the guys on the Dakar rally.  Yesterday and today they had to complete nearly 1300km through deserts, mountains, mud, and rocks, and they haven’t finished yet. The guys who ride in this epic are the kind of people who think shark wrestling is a nice Sunday afternoon activity!  Check them out and be amazed at what they are doing.

And on that , I am leaving you, time to fit a hugger!

Stay safe


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