Movies and bikes

Movies and bikes

Everyone loves the movies; the escape from reality that they provide is refreshing and sometimes inspiring. I however have a problem with motorcycles in movies,  or rather how motorcycles  and motorcycles are portrayed.

  Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to go off on a rant about bikers being given a bad image by the film makers.  If I did that I would also have to moan about psycho teachers, nurses and policemen to name just a few, and let’s face it, that “bad boy” image is part of the attraction of riding a bike.  What I am talking about is the inability of most films and film makers to capture just what it is that makes motorcycles so great, the “thing” that makes us willing to risk life and limb just to ride one to work!  Film makers manage to portray love in all its forms, fear and paranoia, the complexities of life and nature are all laid out in Oscar winning wonder and yet motorcycling is rarely, very rarely, ever portrayed well.

Another dream bike!

Of course there are exceptions, and a couple I can think of are Closer to the Edge and Mad Max.  Of course these films are worlds apart in their subject matter  but both capture some of the essence of riding a bike, surprisingly so in the case of Mad Max.

I am of course talking about the first Mad Max film here, just need to be clear about that, the others are good but the first is special.  On the face of it Mad Max is not a film about bikes, but it is a film for petrol heads. Toe cutter’s gang ride bikes and so does The Goose, but that, the V8 interceptor and the trike, is just to add some motoporn for us males. The story is the key, the story of friendship, loss and freedom and the way it is portrayed, that is the way that Mad Max gets it right when portraying the bikers and of all the characters in the film, The Goose, Max’s friend, is the one that has the epic bike scene, a scene that has, coolness, fun, speed and that sudden stop at the end!….

 And then there is Closer to the Edge, a film that was made about the Isle of Man TT races and stars the real racers. It does follow a story, the story of the race but it is in fact a documentary that is filmed beautifully.  When you add the fact that the spoken word is heartfelt and direct from the racers mouths, it really does give a feeling of what this race and any race they do, is all about.

When I wrote this I searched for those clips on the net, and I have found that there are some other new bike films out there that are trying to portray our way of life. Now I feel obliged to go and do some research by watching them, and I will of course let you know if I find something entertaining, be it really good or really bad!

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