Mr Angry

Mr Angry

Motorcyclists get annoyed by loads of things, getting to the bar too late, getting to the bar too early, not knowing which bar to go to; these are fine examples of annoyance. There are more , riding in shorts or riding in flip flops,  wearing or not wearing a crash helmet ...Actually maybe those things annoy you but they don’t annoy me,  if some squid wants to try do it yourself plastic surgery using the road as the operating theatre who am I to stop them?

There are a few things that are universally annoying to us motorcyclists;

Bad use of indicators:

Honestly it is not difficult to use an indicator properly is it?  I believe it is still part of the driving test to signal your intention to turn right or left or perhaps things have changed since I took mine?  Not only is this annoying, it is dangerous, I know from personal pain.  A little Triumph sports car, decides to turn left without indicating. I have started to overtake and, well I am sure you can work it out.  I was lucky, very lucky, I not only stayed on the bike but I had really good bike boots on so I ended up taking the wing off the car with my foot peg  and the fender off the car with my foot, ripping the safety cap out of the boot at the same time.  I guess this incident might have contributed to why I get a tiny bit annoyed when someone doesn’t indicate correctly now.


Cigarettes, keep them inside the car!


Honestly, if you are going to smoke keep the windows shut and the cigarette butts inside the car. Cultivating this habit will make sure you get the full effect of the cancer sticks you bought and your car can smell like crap as well.  I have to admit to occasionally succumbing to the odd moment of rage when an idiot decides to throw a lit cigarette butt out of their window and into my face. Call me short tempered if you want but that does annoy me, although not as much as someone being sick out of their window all over me, but that is another story entirely! (it’s true, it happened…I was not best pleased!)

Bad roads

Now these are really annoying, not only are bad roads dangerous they can also be expensive fun killers. A pothole, to a car, is just an annoying bang, to a bike it can be a tank slapping nightmare, and if you are unlucky enough this evolves into a dollar eating slide down the road.  I suppose you could take someone to court if the worst happens but that is not the point is it, it shouldn’t happen in the first place, what are our taxes for? It is not just that financial jeopardy, how many beautiful twisties do you know that are ruined by a bad road surface, slippery white lines or drain covers on the correct line through the corner?  Too many, that is how many; it is almost like they do it deliberately!


What more do I need to say, it is the most annoying thing and there is nothing that can be done about it,  well not until I get wiped out by one of those previous annoyances and I can have a quiet word in gods ear about having the rain confined to Monday afternoons at about 3pm. If I get the chance I promise I will do that for all of you!

This never happens....ever!


There are of course more, and just possibly there might be a part two to this post, but until then

Stay safe



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