Mr Angry part 2

Mr Angry part 2

In an earlier post I started to write about all the things that annoy me when I am on my bike.  I really try not to get upset, I make an effort to stay calm, I try to embrace the Zen philosophy that comes with riding a bike, but sometimes, things just piss me off!

The word “seasons”, I hate this word.  When I buy a bike it is because I want to ride it, all the time, not just a certain time of the year.  So when I went to the shop, found a lovely second hand Ducati Monster and started negotiating for it I was put out to be told that it was ready for “This seasons riding”. Seasons are for sports, the football season, seasons are ways of measuring where you are in the year, autumn, seasons are not special times when you ride a bike…that is every day! (I didn’t buy the Monster; the sort of place that thinks in “seasons” is not the place I am going to buy a bike from)

Stupid design faults on a bike, they spend millions on designing a bike, we spend thousands buying them, so why, sometimes, can’t they get the important, simple and obvious things right? Triumph, I love Triumph motorcycles, but my Speed Triple, the first of the 1050’s suffered from stupidity. First, you would think that they would have built a charging system that was capable of charging the battery without going into terminal melt down wouldn’t you?  They couldn’t, the alternator unit was wound with wires suitable for a 1.5v electric fan, so when it was asked to work, bathed in hot oil, it is not surprising that it cooked itself, twice this happened, so now I have had one rewound with thicker wire and so far it is all good.

That is not the worst thing though, Triumph is a British company. Britain is an island just off the coast of mainland Europe famous for……RAIN! That grey, cloudy, damp island is the spiritual home of that bike, so you would think that they would manage to make sure that the spark plugs, HT leads and suppressor caps would be able to survive a ride in the rain wouldn’t you? In fact I would have thought it was a necessity…but then what do I know, apart from the fact that I found out that the spark plug wells fill up with water and make the bike stop running whenever there was a bit of rain. Luckily a bit of silicon sealant was all that was needed to cure the problem, but that is not the point. Obviously they had not thought of riding the bike “out of season”!

 And then there are those “people”  who when you are filtering through traffic decide that it would be a good idea to move over and block your path or even worse open the door of their car on you because “they were just  having a look to see what was going on”.

Really, if you want to kill me there are better ways to do it, but if you want to piss me off this is right at the top of the list.

I feel better now I have shared that with you all, thanks!

Stay safe






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