Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Sometimes life is really unfair. As I write this I am still at the in-laws, still bike less and now I am stuck in bed and mother in-law has proof that motorcycles are dangerous. Yes, the worst thing possible has happened, I have had an accident at her place! I can hear those clearer thinkers amongst you pondering, “How did he have a motorcycle related accident with no bike?”, well it wasn’t easy but I managed it. I was a bit bored the other day and I need a new skid lid so I took my own advice and decided to find the nearest bike shop and go see what was on offer. All was tickedy boo, a large selection of helmets at decent prices and my better half was in the mood to suffer the same sort of boredom I suffer when she is trying on shoes. Luckily for her the boredom didn’t last long because pulling the second helmet off (is it just me or does that sound rude?) I experienced a blinding flash of pain and then realized I was sitting on the floor and couldn’t move my head. A trip to the doctors later and I am laid up in bed with a trapped nerve in my neck and a mother in law who sees this as another reason to tell me that bikes are the devils work. On the bright side though the pain killers are pretty good at making me not care very much about what she in saying and I have a good excuse to lay about all day and binge watch anything I want to!

Love the bike but that exhaust would have to go

I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Kawasaki’s. To me there is something about them that has always seemed a bit mad, but in a good sense. The Z900, Z1R and the Gpz900r are all good examples of what I mean as is the H2, both of them, the old 750cc 2 stroke “Widow Maker” and the new supercharged lunacy are the same. Only a business with that little bit of madness in its DNA could look at the 197bhp H2 and think, that needs a little bit more power and then give it 31hp more. Yes, the craziest production Kawasaki ever built is about to get even crazier, 228bhp of craziness to be exact. It is also going to have full smartphone connectivity so you can monitor what your bike has been doing when you finally get off it and wipe the grin off your face. Luckily for my mother in-law’s sanity the horsepower is not the only crazy number, the price is another one, around $25000. That at least is going to stop me buying one, well until I can find one cheap on Ebay that is!

In other new bike news Triumph are bringing out a 1200 Scrambler. It looks nice, and I am sure it goes nice and, “yes”, I would have one, but it seems to me the market is getting a bit saturated with “lifestyle” accessory bikes. I know I am an old fart but I do like to see a bike that someone has modified, himself or herself, in whatever way and to whatever degree they want to. Of course, there is always an unseen benefit and when this current fad goes out of fashion there are going to be loads of low mileage second hand bikes out there and it will be a buyer’s market.

Oh well time for some more drugs and a few episodes of Into the Badlands, and remember safety first, always do a proper warmup before putting on your crash helmet!

Stay safe


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