Never Again!

Never Again!

This post is not about motorcycles and for that my apologies. Instead it is more of a public service announcement aimed at you, our precious customers, because it is about something that is likely to affect you at some point in your life, but especially over the holiday period.

I am of course talking about what the Germans call katzenjammer, the French call  a gueule de bois and what the Scottish poet  Robert Burns of Haggis fame described as “ramfeezled and forswunk”, yep the good old hangover.

I guess just about everybody who has ever thrown their leg over a bike has at some point in time suffered from a hangover. They are the curse of the drinking classes, the payment that has to be made for an over the top night out…the gods way of telling you that you have had too much of a good time. Every culture in the world has a tried and tested way of trying to avoid them and strangely they all have one thing in common, none of them work. Some of them are good for a laugh though and so here they are reproduced for your entertainment.

Allegedly, in Puerto Rico the tried and tested method of hangover prevention is to put a slice of lemon, or lime under the armpit of your drinking arm. This is meant to be a sure fire way of stopping a hangover but personally I reckon it was made up by someone to trick a friend and it has grown from there.

The ancient Romans should have known a thing or two about hangover avoidance; after all they even had a god of getting far too drunk.  There is documentary evidence that ancient Romans used to eat deep fried Canaries as a cure for a night out with Bacchus, and so I would guess that most of their research was a little suspect. If however your pet canary is singing just that little bit too loud the day after the night before you now have a historical precedent to throw it in the fryer and see whether they were right or not, call it research!

There is one hangover cure that works, and it is English of course. The full English breakfast is a well known medicinal meal throughout the English speaking world. Extensive research carried out by my good self has identified the active anti-hangover ingredient. It is of course Bacon, and more than that I suspect the existence of the Bacon molecule, the tiniest particle of baconess possible.  This suspicion is due to the fact that however bad I feel, the merest wiff of bacony goodness can make me shift my ass and get out of bed, or off the settee, or floor if it was a particularly good night.  Even better extensive experimentation has shown that a bacon sandwich and a pint of good beer will cure even the most stubborn hangover….or maybe that was two pints???

Whatever your drink , whatever your cure, the reality is that moderation is the only way to not get a hangover, but whoever enjoyed themselves being reasonable?  Just take care this coming holiday, and don’t ride with drink in your system, that doesn’t make sense at all.

Stay safe


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