New Year's resolution fails

New Year's resolution fails

I don’t want to alarm you dear readers but there is only one more day before the end of the year.  You know what that means don’t you?  Yep, you only have one more day to complete all those New year’s resolutions you made whilst drunk  nearly 12 months ago, god luck to you!

Personally I have resigned myself to failure, but in the interests of internet transparency let’s look at some of my motorcycling resolutions from the beginning of this year and see what I managed to do and what I managed to fail to do.

Learn to ride

Well what I actually meant is learn to ride better, I know how to ride, I have been doing it for a few decades now but there is always room for improvement.  So did I manage to improve or not, well I crashed once this year and technically and at least in reality it was half my fault so I guess not, so, number one resolution failure.

Get the Zxr back on the track-

Umm, well, umm…I did buy some upside down forks for it and construct a new triple clamp to fit them, but that was about 10 months ago and since then it has not seen a spanner in wielded in anger. What is worse is this was a resolution from 2015 renewed, and in 2015 all I managed to do was construct a rear sub frame for a Ducati 916 seat unit…so resolution failure number two.

Go on a road trip in the summer –

A ride through France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Lichtenstein, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland and England with a group of mates for two weeks, I think that counts as a decent ride.  So that is one for the success side of the equation.

Spend some more money on the bikes –

Well I have spent money on my Triumph,  Stainless fasteners,  new brake reservoirs,  new exhaust system, new indicators and a new radiator and headlights , (thank to that crash for those two) so yes I have bought bling. However the other two have been neglected a bit, the Z1100 could do with some loving attention and I have already mentioned the Zxr, so let’s call that one a score draw!

Go on weekenders with mates –

I promised my French mates that I would take them to England to visit my old haunts; I promised we would go somewhere together, anywhere together. I also promised old mates that I would turn up at a few events with them….I failed miserably, and so the failure count rises again.

Buy a Harley –

Umm, nope, failure number four.

Spend more time with my loved ones –

Well I have ridden nearly every day, except when snow and ice and family holidays  stopped play that is. I think that I didn’t miss a day when it was possible for me to ride and so I am counting that as a resolution kept.

Do more maintenance on the bikes –

Well they have not broken down all year and I have never had that nagging thought that I really should have done that oil change before I set out, but there is still room for improvement. However, as I have actually done some things before it became vital to do them I am counting that as a resolution kept.

And finally….

Have fun –

Oh yes, I have certainly done that. Some great rides, some great track days and some great memories,  yep that is resolution kept and it brings it to a nice round draw between failure and success. I guess that is not such a bad result over the year.

Next time it will be 2017 and I will post the resolutions I make with drunken mates on Saturday evening. The theory being, if I announce them to you lot on the net I will have to do them or lose face!

Stay safe and have great end of year party, you all deserve it


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