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Hi guys and gals,

As motorcyclists we should all know the dangers we face out there on the roads, and if we don’t know them we shouldn’t be riding.  Ours is an unforgiving lifestyle and for those few of us brave enough to race on the roads in places such as Skerries in Ireland that is magnified a 100 times.

This past week has seen us lose two more of the best:

On Saturday 7th July, William Dunlop, nephew of Joey, son of Robert and brother of Michael passed away because of injuries sustained in an accident at the Skerries 100.  He had just returned to road racing after sitting out the 2018 Isle of Mann TT to spend time with his partner.

Yesterday evening, 12th July, James Cowton was racing in the 600cc Challenge Race at the Southern 100 on the Isle of Mann when he was involved in an accident with three other bikes.  Sadly James died of his injuries and another rider, Ivan Lintin is in critical condition.

Our thoughts go out to their families and friends, they will be sorely missed.

Ok to change the tone the latest Mission Impossible has been filming in Paris.  Famous for implausible stunts they have now managed to push it beyond the realms of artistic license and into pure fantasy. The scene involves Tom Cruise being chased on his bike around the Arc de Triomphe round about, the wrong way! Now anyone who knows that roundabout knows that even trying to negotiate it the right way on a bike is like playing Russian roulette with one in the chamber. It is a lethal place to ride and so the very thought of going round it the wrong way…. I will have nightmares for days!

A Taiwanese company called Jarvish, are planning to introduce some new crash helmets packed with technology.

The firm is hoping to produce two helmets.  They are going to be inspiringly named the X and the X-AR. This is not a flash in the pan either, the company already supplies the Taiwanese police force and the public with their original helmet, but these are promised to be a step up. Both the new X and X-AR are made completely out of carbon-fibre and come equipped with a 2K built-in front camera, as well as built-in speakers, microphone and voice control. The top of the range X-AR will also have a rear camera and a head-up display unit, capable of showing information on speed, weather conditions and navigation which will be setup up and controlled by a Jarvish app. I need a new helmet but I reckon that the price tag of around $1100 for the X-AR will be a little too steep for me and if I was to buy the cheaper $550 X version I would always feel a little like I was missing out. On the other hand if they want to lend me one to test I promise to write a really good review!

Stay safe


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