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It is days like today that make me want to forget my leather jacket and bike jeans, say « sod it » to the helmet and gloves and just take off into the world, my bike and I and the wind in my now very limited hair.  Then on the way to work this morning I helped a kid on a scooter who had done just that. He had panic braked, riding too close to a car in front, lost the front end and slid down the road.  The resulting mess of his legs and arms reminded me why I wear my kit all the time.

Just in case you had forgotten

Talking about accidents, the death of Nicky Hayden was tragic. The man was a wonder and taken far too soon. However, it is something positive that can be taken from this and that is he is going to give the gift of health and hope to multiple people after his family confirmed that he wished to be an organ donor on the event of his death. I know many people have their own reasons for not becoming a donor, but personally I think it is one last good thing we can do on this earth before going off for that never ending ride.

Not cool

OK a lighter note now, what has happened to the world?  As you must have worked out by now I do like browsing the web and looking at bike related stuff. In that browsing I have begun to notice a large amount of custom CX500’s making it onto my websites of preference.  The CX500, or plastic maggot, was never a bike that could be regarded as cool, but these new creations using it are.   I don’t know how well they ride, the bike press said that the original handled well…but in my opinion that was possibly the first appearance fo fake news.  To me it was top heavy and had a real problem with torque reaction from the shaft and V-twin engine when cornering. So much so that opening the throttle even a tiny bit resulted in the bike trying to throw you into the tarmac! Then there is the styling, less said about that the better, oh and the cam chain problem that plagued the early ones….no, this bike was never destined to be a classic…and then suddenly it is. It is a funny old world, so funny that I even found myself browsing eBay looking at the prices earlier.


It is the time of year again, the Isle of Mann TT 2017 time, and it has started in traditional fashion with heavy rain meaning that the first practice sessions were cancelled. Hopefully today they will get underway and we will be able to start to get all excited about next week’s racing.

Also cool, and hopefully very fast.

 Talking of which, tonight should see Guy Martin out on his new Honda and with John McGuinness out through injury all Hondas hopes are on his shoulders…no pressure there then!

I am off out into the sunny countryside for a ride,

Stay safe


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