No bikes, no cars and possibly unpopular!

No bikes, no cars and possibly unpopular!

Hello there, it’s time to write to you the reader once again.

A lot has happened since the last post, I have knocked down a wall in my workshop to make it bigger and as sods law would have it the day I did this the Triumph’s fork seals blew.  This of course meant cutting short the workshop revamp and tidying it up just enough to get to work on the bike. Anyway more about that another time because it is probably a post in its own right. What I am going to talk to you about today has nothing to do with motorcycles, cars or the internal combustion engine, it is in fact all about ( sort of ) GOT.  ( see I am in with the in crowd and know all the abbreviations! )

Yep, Game Of Thrones is back and it has awoken some strange and dark thoughts in me, no they have nothing to do with Daenerys Targaryen.  Years ago I read the original books, and very good they were, but rest assured this is not going to be a rant about how good the books are compared to the series.  I really enjoyed the books and I did put off watching the series for a few years because I figured it couldn’t do justice to them, I was wrong, the series is epic.  It is not the same as the books, but the spirit is there and it is without doubt worth watching but, it is not worth thousands of hours talking about or obsessing about. It is just a series, a story created by a man to make some money; it is not the most important thing in the world.

Just in case you thought I had forgotten what they look like

Unfortunately some people seem to think it is, and this is not only confined to GOT, there are hundreds of series out there that have obsessive fans and that is worrying. Yes there have always been obsessive fans of some sort of entertainment, be it a book, a film or music, and they made whatever they were fans of a little bit more interesting.

Now however it is a little worrying because with modern marketing strategies it is easy to turn a very interested person into a mildly obsessed one, and of course a mildly obsessed one into a totally obsessed one.  Social media and clever sales tactics make it seem to some that the fictional world they love is almost tangible, a little click of the mouse and maybe they could be part of it. Before the fans used to live out their fantasies in a lonely world, boring those of us who were not part of it with their unrestrained obsessions, now they can feed each other and that is scary on two fronts. First where will that obsession end? Will they become total recluses living an online fantasy life in an electronic Westeros?  Or maybe it will be worse than that; the Game is ending very soon, so what is the effect of this going to be on those who have invested so much into it?  Ok, there will be spin offs, bound to be , too much money to be made not to be, and  there is the online world that they have created, but one day it will be over and when it is what will happen to those souls who lived that life as if it was real?  I predict that before too long those who can, will have identified another mental illness, PSSD, Post Series Stress Disorder, mark my words, it is coming, just like the final season of Vikings…a far superior product to GOT!

Off to dream about Lagertha in a non obsessive and perfectly healthy way

Stay safe


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