No Fear!

No Fear!

Bikes can be scary, but life can be scarier.

I was reading Biker Chick’s blog about her becoming a big tough biker chick….ok maybe not big, but certainly tough, sorry lass, and it made me think about how motorcycles have changed me over the years, what fears have I left behind in a cloud of exhaust fumes and burnt rubber?

As a kid at school I always struggled for acceptance, I tried hard to fit in, but never quite could. I am not saying it was a bad time, not at all, but sometimes it seemed like I came from a different planet to my peers.  The music I listened to was different, the clothes I wore were not fashionable and the sports I played weren’t the popular ones.  This struggle to fit in bothered me more than I realized, although even if I had realized it I probably would not have admitted it. 


Then I bought a bike and my life changed, not over night but over time. Suddenly I would sometimes I find myself talking to a total stranger who just happened to have parked his bike next to mine,  or maybe going for a pint at the local bikers pub  with a guy I had met in the bike shop. Then it was going out on a Sunday run with the guys and gals from the pub and then joining a bike club and suddenly I fit in.  It didn’t matter what I wore, what I listened to, what I thought or even what I rode.  There were no harsh judgments, what mattered was I understood, I knew the unexplainable and that is a bond that is greater than mere fashion and tastes.


It didn’t stop there though, because happy within this new home I could grow in the world outside as well. I no longer felt like I was a square peg in a round hole, instead I didn’t care what shape the hole was because I no longer felt the necessity to try and fit into it, and I wasn’t square!  People treated me differently, they always had but now it was a different, different!  Maybe they still looked at me as if I was a bit strange but the look also carried a bit of envy, I realized that my differences were now something that they desired not something that they would use to push me away. Now people were attracted by what they saw as individual, and I discovered it wasn’t the motorcycle that they were attracted to, but it was the motorcycle that had made it happen.  That lovely piece of two wheeled machinery had woven its magic around me and transformed the shy outsider into a confident outsider,  I love my bikes!

Stay safe


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