Not a bad idea

Not a bad idea

In the past I have been happy to go on about what I think are bad ideas in the world of motorcycling. You know the sort of thing, blue leather jackets or putting your tongue on the end of an HT lead. (Do not do this ever, really don’t…not even for beer or you will end up as part of the Darwin Awards)

Today however I feel I should begin to get rid of this negative vibe I have been pushing and instead find some motorcycling ideas that are either useful, money saving or just plain cool.

The first is without doubt one of the easiest and most useful things I have learnt in motorcycling, for those with full face lids anyway.  It turns out washing up liquid isn’t just something that your better half should know about, it is also very, very good at stopping a visor misting up on a cold morning. All you have to do is clean your visor as usual and then smear the inside with washing up liquid. You then dry it off with a soft cloth or soft paper towel and your visor will remain mist free for quite some time. Practical, cheap, and if you get the peach scented one it smells quite nice to!

Another brilliant, cheap and health conscious idea is to wear earplugs. Even with the best fitting crash helmet there is an awful lot of wind noise and this can wreck your hearing.  Buy some cheap earplugs, or even pick some up free at a concert because Tinnitus is not fun and its benefits are outweighed by the constant ringing in your ears….benefits, Tinnitus?  Yep, there is one; you always have an excuse for not answering when your better half asks where the washing up liquid is. Of course you could always fake it, but that would be dishonest and we can’t have that can we!

Perfect for all your motorcycling needs

One thing that can definitely save you a lot of trouble is to replace that crap toolkit that came with the bike , for one that can actually be useful if you have a problem.  Seriously, take a look at your bike, work out the common nut, bolt and allen key sizes and put those tools under your seat.  Another good idea is to buy a good bicycle multitool. They make some great ones and they are really light and small. You should round off your , get me out of crap kit with one of those multi tool knives that also become pliers in your pocket. The keyword here though is buy quality; it will make all the difference when you need them, on the side of the road, in the rain!

Broadsheets have so much more thermal capacity

Here is another handy little tip for when you are suddenly surprised by the ride turning out to be longer than you thought it would be.  Picture the scene, early autumn you have been out for some time, night is beginning to fall and there is a definite chill in the air. Unfortunately it was a lot warmer when you left the house and so you only wore a T-shirt under your leathers, silly person. However all is not lost, you can always stop at a service station and buy a newspaper and put that down inside your jacket. It really works well as an insulator and it will keep your core warm. I have even seen people put them down their jeans before and if you are really lucky you don’t even need to buy one, they can often be found lying about on tables…cheap,  me?…certainly!!

Stay safe


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