Not all change is progress

Not all change is progress

The University of Waterloo, Canada has found  a possible way of increasing the range of battery operated vehicles.  They found out that using Lithium as a negative electrode in a battery.  They had to overcome the possibility of explosion and corrosion but being the clever fellow that they are they have done this.  If you want to know the ins and outs of the research you can find it in a paper published here.

Wouldn't want to sit on that for 650 miles,
but at least that might now be a problem to deal with!

What this means for us however is that it might be possible to have electric bikes with up to three-times more range than before so zero motorcycles S model would go from 223 miles to more than 650 miles and that is sounding really interesting.   Of course research like this is being powered by various governments planning to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles in the not too distant future, and so it is good to see that hopefully we will be able to take a step forward, rather than backwards when this happens.

Of course not all new things are better than old ones, take Bike shops for instance.  What the hell has happened to good old traditional motorcycle shops? Who decided that replacing them with shiny aseptic, characterless, overpriced and useless new ones was a good idea? Of course this is only my point of view, but seeing as I am the one writing this then it is the one you are going to get!  

Really, in a motorcycle shop, and it is $60! 

Ok I get it; the new ones are nice environments in which to browse through the many wonderful things that the modern motorcyclist might want to buy.  Things like a watch made by his bikes maker, or a wallet, or a mobile cover, a set of cufflinks or a tie…..for fucks sake I have even seen, in a Triumph dealer, beard grooming products. For crying out loud it is a motorcycle store not a fucking poodle parlor.

Kacking burnout marks, coffee stains and character...
and polished concrete is nearly as bad as beard grooming products!

There have always been dealerships, there to sell you a new bike from their manufacturer and I understand that they need to exist, even in this modern form. If nobody was to buy a new bike, bikes would disappear, supply and demand easy as that. However these new dealer ships, the ones with the  starbuckalike coffee bars and sofas with throw cushions on them are killing off the real motorcycling experience and replacing it with a corporate image, something so alien to the spirit of motorcycling that to me it threatens the very lifestyle I love.  I loved walking into my local bike shop, knowing that I was going to get the piss pulled and that I could pull it back. I looked forward to the banter with people who knew what they were talking about and the tea or coffee in the corner that was free as long as you made the mechanic one as well.  I miss being able to go from the showroom out into the back to actually talk to the guy who was fixing my bike, while he was doing it.  I miss the fact that if I wanted I could save myself money by stripping the bike down myself, using the customers tool set, and then having the guys who really knew what they were doing work their magic before I put back together all the mundane parts. I learned about my bike that way, I learned good practice from people who did the job day in day out, and I learned how to hold my own in competition with some of the best jokers I have ever met. 

I bet this shop doesn't sell iPhone cases

Today it seems to me that the old bike shop is dying out. The supermarket that sells a pseudo lifestyle for weekends is swamping them, but there are few left, down back streets, in small towns they can still be found, protectors of the faith and I would recommend going and becoming a follower before they go the way of the Dodo.

Stay safe


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